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Sarugami (human)

Sarugami (サルガミ Sarugami, 21): A wicked monkey spirit under Junior's command.

Character History

Sarugami resembled that of a reggae ape and assumed the guise of a ninja master to trick Saizou into showing the attacks of Kakurangers in a demonstration. Later he taught the four of his five Dorodoros how to use the five Kakurangers slash attacks, and then taught them how to use the Kakure Shoot. It took a trick on Saizou's part to beat Sarugami on the ground with a 6-person attack that he was shown to have saved as a last move. Enraged by being outwitted, Sarugami was enlarged and killed by Beast General Fighter Battle Logan, who took the Beast General Fighter Battle Saruder's place in the Fighter Crash attack. Ep. 21: The Monkey Mimic's Finishing Move

Though unseen, Sarugami's spirit presumably emerged within the Seal Door along with all the other defeated Youkai, after their master Daimaou was finally contained there by the Kakurangers. Reeling that they were now powerless in captivity, the Youkai all vowed that they would one day be reborn and regain their power, cursing humanity. Final Ep.: Sealing!!


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