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"Death… for me?!"
―Saroge-DT's final words before his death.[src]

Saroge-DT of the Imitation (イミテイションのサロゲDT Imiteishon no Saroge Dī Tī) is a sea sponge-themed member of the Machine Onslaught Empire Matrintis.

Character History

Built by Robogog after Metal Alice captures the real Datas in a hostage scenario, Saroge-DT was both an experiment to gather information on Gosei World technology and to understand how an outmoded machine could be allied with the Gosei Angels. The Goseiger initially encounter him due to Alata misreading the wind thinking that it was Datas, even as Hyde used Matrintis' trademark plasma bursts to find them instead. The Matroid quickly proves itself as the superior of Datas and the Goseiger, reading all their moves and defeating them with ease.

However, when Hyde and the real Datas return to the battle, Saroge-DT is caught off guard by the effects of Gosei Blue's Camoumirage Card, which confuses him into seeing all of the Goseiger as other Goseiger using the same attacks but in different forms. This defeats the analyzer before being destroyed by the Miracle Gosei Knight Dynamic, then enlarged and beaten by Datas Hyper before he and Gosei Ultimate finally destroy the Matroid.


Acting more arrogant than Datas while appearing similar to Datas Hyper, Saroge-DT has a personality quirk of ending all of his sentences with "death" (デス desu), as opposed to Datas' typical "desu".

Modus and Arsenal

Possessing similar computational abilities as Datas, he uses his Death Analyze ability to read and defeat all of the Goseiger's skills, based upon the basic knowledge that the Goseiger have a specific base set that does not change. Likewise he is equipped with a barrage of missiles on himself.

Behind The Scene


Saroge-DT was portrayed by Takahiro Miyauchi


  • Movie Reference: Saroge-DT is named after Surrogates (サロゲート Sarogēto)
    • Saroge-DT's superiority to Datas is similar to the concept of the film, where humans send out "idealized robot versions of themselves" into public in order to interact with society while they remain at home.
  • He is one of five Matroids not adapted for Power Rangers Megaforce.
    • The reason he wasn't adapted for Power Rangers Megaforce, due to Datas not being adapted and Nickeleodeon's 22 episode limit.

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