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Sandayuu Momochi is a legendary ninja master with unlimited magical powers who instructs the Kakurangers on their abilities.

Character History

"My lord, is this how you wished it?"
―Sandayuu's final words before his death[src]

Sandayuu was surprisingly casual in his actions, but not foolhardy. He is considered dangerous by the Youkai, and occasionally rode on a cloud.

Sandayuu appeared to Sasuke and Saizou to warn them about the consequences of opening the Gate of Seals, which they were tricked by Kappa into doing so to release the Youkai into the human world. He later brought the two of them to where their ancestor’s swords were placed in the earth. Sandayuu would continue to appear to the give the Kakurangers advice and tools, such as Nekomaru and Hikarimaru (sent via Tsubasamaru). He also provided Sasuke with the scroll for Giant Beast General Red Saruder.

He was stabbed to death with his own sword by Gashadokuro

Arsenal and Abilities

Sandayuu is a ninja legend with unlimited magical power. He is a skilled swordsman and master of teleportation.



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Behind the Scenes

  • Sandayuu speaks in an unusual dialect, Sanuki-ben, that originates in the Kagawa Prefecture of the island of Shikoku.
  • Like many of Kakuranger's characters, he is based on a Japanese folk hero. The traditional Sandayuu Momochi is most famous for training the legendary ninja Ishikawa Goemon.

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