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"I'm here. I am Sandaaru Jr."
―Sandaaru Jr.'s first words when arriving to meet Warz Gill.[src]

"Action Commander Sandaaru Jr. has arrived! From now on, I will be your opponent!"
―Sandaaru Jr. introducing himself to Captain Marvelous, Joe and Luka.[src]

"It is unexpected that you found this place... but now you've made things more interesting!"
―Sandaaru Jr. when the Gokaigers found his and Satarakura Jr.'s base.[src]

"Who's there?!"
―Sandaaru Jr reacting to Fuuraimaru and his final words before his death.[src]

Sandaaru Jr. (サンダールJr. Sandāru Junia) was the son of Seventh Spear, Sandaaru.


Created through unknown methods prior to Sandaaru's death, Sandaaru Jr., alongside with his comrade, Satarakura Jr., enlist in the Space Empire Zangyack as Action Commanders. They are sent to Earth by Warz Gill with a scheme to turn humans into chestnuts by scaring them to power their missile that will turn the entirety of humanity into chestnuts.  Sandaaru Jr later arrives, saving his comrade from Captain Marvelous, Joe Gibken and Luka Millfy. Both of them battle the three Gokaigers who use the powers of Livemen and the Abarangers but the ninja duo are able to defeat them. As the rest of the Gokaiger crew arrive, the ninjas take their leave due to being heavily outnumbered.

Later, they are tracked by Gai who uses the Bouken Silver Ranger Key so the Gokaigers get the jump on the space ninja duo and save the chestnuts. Although the Gokaigers then fire the Gokai Gun and Gokai Spear Final Waves, the space ninjas change positions with Ahim and Don which allows Satarakura Jr. to chicken out as some Genin Magerappa arrive. With the Magerappa soon being destroyed, Sandaaru Jr decides to destroy the Gokaigers himself and uses his Enlargement Jutsu (巨大身の術 Kyodaimi no Jutsu) to make himself grow. With the other Gokaigers busy fighting Genin Magerappa, Gai has to fight him alone with GoZyuJin. However, he easily overwhelms it with his great speed until Fuuraimaru appears after ten years absence from Earth, having felt the presence of a space ninja on Earth. He pile-kicks Sandaaru Jr backwards and pins him to a building with it's Binding Shuriken technique which allows Gai to obliterate Sandaaru Jr with GoZyuJin's GoZyu Triple Drill Dream.


Like his father, Sandaaru Jr. was a very serious and violent psychopath who enjoyed fighting and humiliating his enemies. Unlike his father however, who was standoffish and treacherous, Sandaaru Jr. formed a close friendship and camaraderie with Satarakura Jr.

Powers and Abilities


  • Suspension: When Sandaaru Jr. first appeared, he was hanging upside down from the ceiling like a bat.
  • Super Speed: Sandaaru Jr. could move so fast that he became a blur.
    • Rush Attack: Sandaaru could utilize his speed to run as a blur whilst rapidly striking through his enemies.


  • Swordsmanship: Like his father, Sandaaru Jr. was a very skilled swordsman capable of taking on and defeating Marvelous, Joe and Luka even in thier Gokai Change modes.
  • Space Ninja Arts: Like his father, Sandaaru Jr. was skilled in this field of ninja training and had many special abilities.
    • Position Exchange:A move that allowed Sandaaru and Satarakra Jr. to swap positions with Don and Ahim in purple teleportation streaks.
    • Rope Face: A ninpou that allowed Sandaaru to summon a giant version of his head from underground to ram into his enemies.
    • Giant Body Technique: A ninpou that allowed Sandaaru Jr to enlarge himself to giant size by engulfing himself in blue energy winds.


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  • Shark Sword: Sandaaru Jr. was armed with a large shark-themed sword for combat which he kept on a scabbard strapped to his back.
    • Lightning Empowerment: Sandaaru Jr. could charge up his sword with light blue energy and slash at his enemies with maximum force.
      • Energy Whip: Sandaaru Jr. could also energize his sword with light blue energy to lash the end of it like a whip. Even though Luka and Joe blocked the slashes, the hits were strong enough to knock them down.
    • Combined Energy Blast: Sandaaru and Satarakura Jr. could combine thier sword and spear to fire a massive blue energy beam from them. This was strong enough to overcome the Dino Bomber's Dino Dynamite attack and send the three Gokaigers flying.
  • Shark Fan Blade: Sandaaru Jr. was also armed with a shark-themed fan blade but he only used it to enlarge himself.

Behind the Scenes



  • His design was based on a shark and a ninja.

Concept Art


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  • Sandaaru Jr. was not adapted for Power Rangers.
  • A noteworthy fact regarding his appearance was that Sandaaru Jr is somehow friends with Satarakura Jr which is ironic considering that his father had betrayed and attempted to murder his friend's father with said murder attempt playing a crucial role in his friend's father's demise at the hands of Shurikenger. Not only that, he was killed in battle first before his friend, Satarakura Jr, had met his own demise whereas his father had outlived his friend's father before he had met his end.


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