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Sanae Rouyama (楼山早苗 Rouyama Sanae) is the "evil" older sister of Saki Rouyama.

Character History

Sanae is known by her sister Saki as being an "evil woman", someone who manipulates others and is willing to use it for her own advantage. She is able to seduce her way into getting whatever she wants from any male; while using a picture of Saki wetting her bed from when they were girls to be able to manipulate her younger sister into not getting in her way.

However, Sanae finds great difficulty when she encounters Gunpei Ishihara, particularly when the two have a bad run-in with each other after she arrives in town to manipulate Saki once again. When her typical methods don't seem to work on Go-On Black, she ultimately appears to finally reveal an "honest face", making herself seem like she's learned her lesson as if Gunpei was someone good that could actually stand up to her. Trusting in her, Gunpei leaves her the keys to Ginjiro to "get help" in the midst of a Banki Beast attack.

Unfortunately, this was the means to even Gunpei's downfall: with the keys to the Go-Onger's mode of transport, Sanae goes to a car dealer and sells the vehicle for money, forcing Sosuke and Renn to bargain to buy it back after Sanae was on her merry way once again, proving once again to Saki that she was "evil".



  • Sanae Rouyama was portrayed by the actress Erena.

Behind the Scenes

  • Sanae is the only family revealed for Saki during Go-Onger; by comparison, Summer Landsdown, Saki's equivalent in RPM, had both a family and a butler, but no siblings.


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