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The Samuraizers are the Morphers used by the main five Samurai Rangers.

The Samuraizers allows for much more than transformation, however. The right kanji (provided that it is written in the correct stroke-order) can do whatever its meaning indicates. During their samurai training, the five Rangers are seen practicing their calligraphy, summoning up winds, leaves, and waves of water. In battle, it can be used as an improvisational weapon, used to summon forth anything the Samurai Rangers may need to combat the Nighloks. The Samuraizer is also used to summon the zords and forming a megazord as well as to activate Mega Mode.

Alternative to the Samuraizers, the Super Mega Rangers used Legendary Ranger Keys provided by Gosei to assume the corresponding Ranger forms as a Legendary Ranger Mode.


While the open face of both the previous and current Samuraizers are identical, the tips are different. The previous samuraizer had a hidden brush on the tip area, while the current Samuraizer has an LED fixture.

Current Versions

The modern form has a light atop the cellphone mode to execute symbol powers. It opens like a flip-top cell-phone. Unlike older Samuraizers, the current ones don't have the ability to fold another way into brushes. Like the Wild Force Growl Phone, the Mystic Morphers, the Overdrive Trackers and the Cell Shift Morphers, this one is cell-phone based.

Lauren's Samuraizer

Lauren uses a previous Samuraizer design to transform into the Red Samurai Ranger. It was passed down to her from her father, who had been the previous Red Samurai Ranger. While mostly, it is identical to the current Samuraizers in appearance, it also has the ability to split vertically down the middle for a brush mode used to channel symbol power.

Mentor's Samuraizer

Ji is shown to have a gold version of the modern day Samuraizer that can both contact the rangers and use symbol power, though its unknown if his Samuraizer has a morphing functñion. The symbol power it generates is golden brown.

Samurai Morpher

Main article:Samurai Morpher

The Samurai Morpher is a Samuraizer that Antonio created himself.

Old Brush Forms

PRS ancientsamuraizer

wooden brush

The Ancient Samurai Rangers have a brush-form Samuraizer stylized from wood. It predates and is similar to Lauren's, which was handed down to her by her father.

Morphing Sequence
Power Rangers First Morph - Power Rangers Samurai - The Team Unites Episode

Power Rangers First Morph - Power Rangers Samurai - The Team Unites Episode

With the call "Samuraizer! Go Go Samurai!" and writing their respective Samurai Symbols of Power in the air, they initiate their morph from civilians, to their samurai garbs, to their Ranger form by clicking the center of the Samuraizer.

Symbol Power

See also: Mojikara

Symbol Power is the basic power of the Samurai Rangers, based off of Japanese kanji. Using their Samuraizers to draw their respective kanji, or texting the kanji in Antonio's case, the rangers are able to morph, activate their zords, attack Nighlok, and many other feats. The symbol power however, seems very draining on the Rangers, such as when Kevin attempts to catch the SwordfishZord and he lost consciousness, or when Antonio attempted to activate the Black Box and nearly passed out. When using Symbol Power the Rangers sometimes say "Symbol Power" or "Samurai Symbol" then the name of the symbol

Symbol Reading Translation Usage
Hi/Ka Fire Morph into the Red Ranger
Generate flames (ink on paper) Origins

Create Shiba Fire Disk Samurai Forever

Mizu/Sui Water Morph into the Blue Ranger
Ki Forest/Tree Morph into the Green Ranger
Tree Symbol Strike attack Forest for the Trees
Ten Sky Morph into the Pink Ranger
Tsuchi/Do Earth Morph into the Yellow Ranger
Earth Symbol Strike attack Sticks and Stones
Uma Horse Create a Horse OriginsClash of the Red Rangers - The Movie

The Great Duel

Chou Mega/Super Power up to Mega Mode and summon zords
Form Battlewing Megazord
Awa Splash Generate a small splash of water (ink on paper; translated by Ji as "water") Origins
Ishi/Seki Stone Create stones Sticks and Stones (ink on paper; translated by Ji as "earth") Origins
Kaze/Fuu Wind Create gust of wind Origins
Kusa Grass

Failed to do anything (ink on paper; Mike used the wrong stroke order)Origins

Create blades of grass

A[i] Combine Combine zords
Ki[ri] Slash Megazord's finishing attack
Tano[shii]/Raku Fun Create confetti Origins
Ha Leaf Create leaves Deal with a Nighlok
Yume Dream Turn someone's dream into a vision Deal with a Nighlok
竿 Sao Pole Create a fishing pole A Fish Out of Water
To[ru] Catch Used to catch SwordfishZordA Fish Out of Water
Ba[ke] Lure
Esa Bait
Uma[i] Instruction/Order
Bai Double Create disposable, talking doubles of morphed forms There Go the Brides
Han Resist Block/Break Madimot's spell I've Got a Spell on Blue
Tsuru Vine Grow prehensile vines from a plant Forest for the Trees
Waru, Aijō

Honō, Mon

Evil, Sadness, Blaze, Gate Seal power Test of the LeaderThe Sealing Symbol
Kami Paper Create a piece of paper Jayden's Challenge
Kou Merit Form Battlewing Megazord
Shu Guard/Defend Protect Shiba House against Nighloks Unexpected Arrival
Used by Ji to break a spell over the Rangers, also used in paper form to shield Scott from Jayden's sword Clash of the Red Rangers - The Movie
火炎雷電之舞 Kaenraiden no Mai Blazing Storm Seen as "Symbol Power: Blazing Storm" Test of the Leader
Tou Sword/Knife Summon Spin Sword Unexpected Arrival
Kemuri Smoke Shroud self in smoke Unexpected ArrivalThe Sealing Symbol
Hikari/Kou Light Morph into the Gold Ranger
Used when programming the black box Boxed In
海老 Ebi Lobster Used to repair the ClawZordThe Blue and the Gold
Branded on Splitface via Claw disc on Barracuda Blade Team Spirit
Routinely used to summon ClawZord The Tengen Gate
Used to summon the Samurai ClawZord's power for the Gigazord's final attack Kevin's Choice
Katsu Live Used to try to revive the ClawZord Team Spirit
Used to summon the ClawZord The Rescue
Higashi/Tou East Associated with Claw Battlezord East
西 Nishi/Shu West Associated with Claw Battlezord West
Minami/Nan South Associated with Claw Battlezord South
Kita/Hoku North Associated with Claw Battlezord North
Hen Transform Used to transform Clawzord The Tengen Gate
烏賊 Ika Squid Used to summon the Octozord The Tengen Gate
Used to summon the OctoZord's power for the Gigazord's final attack Kevin's Choice
Oo/Dai Big Once used to summon Clawzord Boxed In
Enlarge the LightZord into the Light Megazord Something Fishy
Mon Portal Summon a portal into a dream world Broken Dreams
Shin True Seen on Black Box and Super Mode
Form Claw Armor Megazord
Chikara/Ryoku Power Seen beside a power bar while targeting Samurai Battle Cannon Super Samurai (episode)
Metsu Destroy Seen beside targeting ring for Samurai Battle Cannon Super Samurai (episode)
Mato/Teki Target Seen inside targeting ring for Samurai Battle Cannon Super Samurai (episode)
Iwa/Gan Rock Summons rocks Super Samurai (episode)
Eda Branch Produces roots/branches Shell Game
Nami (Tidal) Wave Creates a strong wave of water Shell Game
Ana Hole Produces an underground tunnel Shell Game
Samurai Samurai On LightZord
Kuruma/Sha Vehicle Create a red sports car (translated by Jayden as "red pony"; note that it was actually a Mustang) Clash of the Red Rangers - The Movie
Hiraki/Kai Release/Open Used to free the BullZord The BullZord
Ou King Used to tame the BullZord The BullZord
Ie Home Teleport home The BullZord
Kou Shell/First/Armor Seen on Shogun Mode
獅子 Shishi Lion Used to summon the Lion FoldingZord's power for the Gigazord's final attack Kevin's Choice
Tora Tiger Used to summon the TigerZord's power for the Gigazord's final attack Kevin's Choice
Ushi Bull Used to summon the BullZord's power for the Gigazord's final attack Kevin's Choice
Ryuu Dragon Used to summon the Dragon FoldingZord's power for the Gigazord's final attack Kevin's Choice
梶木 Kajiki Swordfish Used to summon the SwordfishZord's power for the Gigazord's final attack Kevin's Choice
Saru Monkey/Ape Used to summon the Ape FoldingZord's power for the Gigazord's final attack Kevin's Choice
Kuma Bear Used to summon the Bear FoldingZord's power for the Gigazord's final attack Kevin's Choice
Kabuto Helmet/Rhinoceros Beetle Used to summon the BeetleZord's power for the Gigazord's final attack Kevin's Choice
Kame Turtle Used to summon the Turtle FoldingZord's power for the Gigazord's final attack Kevin's Choice
Kabe Wall Produce a brick wall Runaway Spike


Ten, Too/Juu, Ta,

Ito, Sun

Stroke/Point, Ten, Ricefield, Thread, Length Separately written, combined to form 縛 Kanji (below) Samurai Forever
Shiba[ru]/Baku Capture Used different kanji strokes of the character to Master Xandred, the strokes combined to the kanji character binds him Samurai Forever
火人火 Hibitobi Fire people fire Seen on Spin Sword with Shiba Fire Disk Samurai Forever



The basic Samuraizer toy.

  • A DX Samuraizer toy was released in Bandai Asia territories which had the exact same body of the prop used in the show (a rerelease of Transformation Handheld ShodoPhone) save for the LED light on top and the modified screen. This was the closest to a prop release. It is identical to Lauren's Samuraizer, which is actually a Shodophone prop.
  • The more-commercially released Samuraizer toys have a slightly flatter bump on one section and a flat side on the other, much like Antonio's Samurai Morpher, unlike the Samuraizer which looks like a Japanese scroll on either side. The DX toys however, are exactly on model, except for the "screen" and the lack of LED feature.

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