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Samurai Surprise is the fifth episode of Power Rangers Super Megaforce, the second season of Power Rangers Megaforce. This episode is a tribute to Power Rangers Samurai, thus features the return of Jayden Shiba and Mentor Ji, and the debut of the Legendary Samurai Megazord.


When a powerful monster named Matacore is sent by the emperor to take on the Rangers, they face a challenge like never before. Luckily, help comes in the form of a mysterious Samurai visitor and his mentor.


Noah Carver and Jake Holling see a motorcycle, which they find out is Mentor Ji's. Prince Vekar sends himself, Argus and Matacore to fight the rangers. They morph into Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, then Lost GalaxyNoah Carver hits the Prince and Argus making them surrender.

After the battle, Troy, Noah and Jake went to Ernie's Brain Freeze to hang out, when suddenly Jayden Shiba appears to help the Rangers. He gave them the Double Disc and disappear. Gia and Emma show up just when they're leaving. When in the battle field, they morph into the Overdrive Rangers, the Ninja Rangers, the Space Rangers, the Dino Rangers, the Zeo Rangers, the Time Force Rangers and some unnamed new powers and fought Matacore. They then summoned the Legendary Megazord in Samurai mode to defeat Matacore.

At the end of the episode Mentor Ji and Jayden leave Harwood County to the comment of the girls saying Jayden is cute, which makes Jake jealous.


Power Cards

Legendary Ranger Modes

Elements/Homages to Power Rangers Samurai

  • Jayden's advice to the Mega Rangers about how to beat Matacore is the same advice given to Mike in the Samurai episode, The Team Unites.
  • Like the final battle of Super Samurai, a mentor to the current team of Rangers, in this episode Jayden, offers his assistance to the Super Mega Rangers through a Power Disc, more specifically, the Double Disc.
  • Matacore’s arrival is similar to the typical arrivals of aboard Master Xandred‘s ship, with some violence breaking out, before being quelled by the arrival of a leader figure.


  • When the Rangers morphed into the Galaxy Rangers, the Rangers were in Super Mega Mode. This is because the Gokaigers had transformed into the Dynaman to use the Super Dynamite against Matacore's Sentai counterpart
  • Technically, the Double Disk is used incorrectly by Troy in this episode, as instead of creating a copy of the Fire Smasher (as it did in Samurai Forever as well as being used correctly by Noah) it instead unleashes a fire attack. In-show this can be seen as the double-disc simply doubling the Fire Smasher's output, as Ji did once claim that the disk is there to double the power.
    • This is due to conflicting stock footage usage, as the scene where Troy placed the Double Disk onto the Fire Smasher was from Shinkenger/Super Samurai, while the Fire Smasher attack was from Gokaiger.

Megaforce Blue with Legendary Mode Rangers.

  • After their Super Mega Mode morph, Noah regroups with the other rangers in his Mega Mode. The only explanations are:
    • He transformed into Legendary Ranger Mode: Megaforce, which probably explains why he is able to go Super Mega Mode without his Legendary Morpher.
    • He was overpowered again.
  • When the Rangers transform from their Legendary Ranger Modes into Super Mega Mode, the background completely changes.
  • When Gia says "Legendary Ranger Blitz" on Yellow Lightning Ranger, Gia was supposed to be saying "Legendary Ranger Mode, Lightning".
  • Troy performs the Fire Power attack but uses the phrase "Mane of Flame" from Gingaman.


  • This is the last appearance of Super Megaforce Red Ranger's Red Wind Ranger form.
  • This is the only appearance of
    • Super Megaforce Yellow Ranger's Yellow Lightning Ranger and Yellow Space Ranger forms.
    • Super Megaforce Pink Ranger's Pink Prism Ranger and Pink Time Force Ranger forms.
  • The Legendary Ranger Modes adapted from episode 12 of Gokaiger included footage of Yellow Mask and Pink Flash, but did not include footage of Midorenger, DenziPink and Green Sai.
    • Super Megaforce Green's morph into Zeo Ranger IV is original footage, as Gokai Green changed from Midorenger to OhGreen in the original episode. Why this was done when footage of Rangers from two other unadapted series were used is unclear (one possibility is that Midorenger (along with DenziPink) was unused because of his cloth suit and bigger helmet was unlike anything from Power Rangers while Yellow Mask and Pink Flash were in the same style as the Power Rangers used suits).
    • Another example of original footage is when Noah in his default Megaforce Blue mode changes with his teammates in Legendary Ranger Mode to Super Mega Mode. The Goseiger costumes did not appear in the original Gokaiger episode. In show, possible, but unspecified reasons may either be that he was knocked off his Super Mega Mode, or that he used his Megaforce key to morph into his Megaforce Mode.
  • This episode marks the first mention of Vekar and Vrak's father, known only as, "The Emperor".
  • Jayden's guest appearance in this episode marks the first appearance by a returning Ranger Legend.
  • The scene were Jayden and Mentor Ji observe the Megazord fight is similar to Gokaiger's tribute to Gekiranger, the Sentai source of Power Rangers Jungle Fury, where the Legendary Red Ranger talks about the Rangers with his mentor. Ironically, the next episode is a tribute to Jungle Fury.
  • When Troy morphs into the new powers his team previously acquired, he says "It's morphin' time!", though these powers did not have a morphing call before this episode.
  • The Legendary Samurai Megazord's "Swordfish Slash" is in reference to the double blade of the Samurai Rangers' Swordfish Fencer Megazord.
  • Jayden mentions Mia in this episode, saying that he sure finds Ernie's yogurt more tasty than Mia's cooking.
  • There is flashbacks from the episodes "Day Off", "Trust Me", and "Samurai Forever".
  • This episode marks the final unmorphed appearance of Jayden and the final appearance of Mentor Ji. Jayden would appear morphed in Legendary Battle along with the rest of the Samurai Rangers.
  • This is the second episode where the New Powers are used.
  • This is the only episode where Vekar's suit is used in original Power Rangers Footage.
  • When Vekar lands, It skips the appearance of Kaoru Shiba, Lauren Shiba's counterpart, due to Gokaiger footage.

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