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Samurai Sentai Shinkenger: The Light Samurai's Surprise Transformation (侍戦隊シンケンジャー光侍驚変身 Samurai Sentai Shinkenjā Hikari no Samurai Odoroki Henshin) is a special DVD that is used to show some of the items in the series.


Genta befriends a stray Nanashi who causes trouble for him and Takeru when it steals the Inroumaru.


Taking place after Act 35, Genta finds a starved member of the Nanashi Company who tells Genta that he has run away from the Rokumon Junk after being sick of his Company being abused by the stronger Gedoushu. Feeling sorry for him, Genta takes him back to the Shiba House and tries to get him a job. After Takeru refuses to help due to the fact that he is a member of the Gedoushu, Genta attempts to prove Takeru wrong about the Nanashi with the help of the Kuroko. However, after nearly burning to death, the Nanashi feels that he is a lost cause, believing he is doomed to fail. Genta encourages him not to give up. The next day, Takeru discovers that the Inroumaru and the Super Disk are gone along with the Nanashi. Remembering the Nanashi's love for chirashizushi, Genta lures him out with it and is shocked that the Nanashi has stolen the Inromaru.

While telling Genta another sob story, the Nanashi sucker punches him before using the Inromaru to turn into Super Nanashi. Super Nanashi reveals that he has used Genta to steal the Inromaru, and he adds on that he never liked Genta's sushi. Enraged, Genta transforms into Shinken Gold and with Shinken Red fights the Super Nanashi. The two are no match for Super Nanashi until Shinken Gold uses the Kyoryu Disk to become Hyper Shinken Gold. With his new found power, he and Shinken Red are able to slay Super Nanashi and retrieve the Inromaru. After the fight, Genta is still disappointed that he believed Super Nanashi along with the Company member insulting sushi. Takeru cheers him up by requesting a piece of sushi and enjoying it, raising Genta's spirits.


Suit Actors

Secret Disks

  • Shinken Red - Shishi (Shinkenmaru), Shishi (Rekka Daizantou), Kabuto (Ōzutsu), Shishi + Ryuu + Kame + Kuma + Saru (Rekka Daizantou)
  • Shinken Gold - Sushi, Kyoryu (Hyper Mode)
  • Super Nanashi - Super


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