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"¡I'll show you what a true master can do!"
―Samurai Org´s before of his fight against Alyssa.[src]

Samurai Org is an org spirit that acquired a samurai armor. He came out of a samurai outfit and is defeated by Alyssa using skills learned from her father. After growing, he was more than a match for the Kongazord until Alyssa called upon the White Tiger Zord to destroy Samurai Org's weapon. Once his sword was broken, the Kongazord easily destroyed Samuari Org with the Double Knuckle attack.

Samurai Org's spirit was among the six Org Spirits that Master Org used to create Tombstone Org.Sing Song

Powers and Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength: His strength is able for defeat to a warrior of martial arts.
  • Durability-Samurai Org was one of the most durable Orgs in the series. Having a car explode merely feet behind him had no effect and he just strolled on.
  • Advance Techniques: His abilities in martial arts are used to fight against his enemies. He easily overpowred a doji's master as well as four of the five Rangers, The only ones who could match up were Alyssa and possibly her father (since he taught the moves to her).
  • Shoot Rays: His eye (between his corns) can shoot rays.


  • Sword of Samurai: The sword is used for fight against his enemies. It can also shoot rays, even if the sword is split.
    • Full Moon Strike-If his sword is complete, he was able to use the special attack Full Moon Strike to produce a great amount of damage. This was his strongest attack but came in two forms so has to be judged that way.
      • Half Moon Cut-Samurai Org would draw a crescent moon with his blade and energy slash his enemies. This took down all five Rangers and was still given his signiture attack's name so counts.
      • Full Moon Strike (true attack)-Samurai Org would take his sword and draw it around in a circle around him, forming a massive red moon behind him. After going in a circle and a half, he would raise it above his head and slash down. This was only performed when he was giant and was powerful enough to cut down the Kongazord with a single strike and a second might have killed the Wildzords had White Tiger not intervened.


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