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Samurai Gattai DaiTenku (サムライガッタイダイテンクウ Samurai Gattai DaiTenkū, Samurai Combination Great Sky), is the combination of the Kabuto Origami, Kajiki Origami and Tora Origami that forms the second mecha in Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.


A mecha in the form of a bird. Kabuto Origami forms the feather tips, beak, and the right wing, Kajiki Origami forms the left wing and the tail and Tora Origami forms the body and head ornament of Daitenku. DaiTenku's final attack is the DaiTenku Great Attack (ダイテンクウ大激突 Daitenkū Daigekitotsu), where the combination charges with the power of it's component origami and finishes the opponent in a kamikaze crash.


Appearances: Shinkenger Episodes


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Unlike ShinkenOh's component Origami, the Kabuto, Kajiki, and Tora don't shrink or grow to giant size, or fold up into emblems. They are summoned by using their respective Discs in the Shinkenmaru. However, their Secret Disks are exposed and form part of their design.

Kabuto Origami

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Kabuto Origami (兜折神 Kabuto Folding God)) is a support Origami summoned from the Kabuto Disc when used with Shinkenmaru. It is in the shape of an orange Hercules beetle as opposed to a Kabutomushi, its namesake. Kabuto Origami, when its disc spins, can spin its head along like a drill. Using this with its opening horn, it can trip foes. When it opens its horn, it fire an orange energy beam from its hinge. The Kabuto Origami forms the right wing, head, neck and feather tips of DaiTenku.

The original user of the Kabuto Origami was Takeru Shiba. When the team decided to form DaiTenku, he assigned it to Mako Shiraishi. However, on Chiaki's improvement in the use of wordplay, she passed the Disk to him, giving him control of the Kabuto Origami. During the battle with Tsubotoguro, Mako utilized this Origami once again.

Appearances: Shinkenger Episodes

Kajiki Origami

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Kajiki Origami (舵木折神, Kajiki Origami, Swordfish Folding God): An azure-colored support Origami summoned from the Kajiki Disk, the Kajiki Origami uses its bill as a sword, as well as using the missiles on its underbelly for ranged attacks. Ryunosuke Ikenami finds this Secret Disk by fishing using a reel with a Secret Disk labeled with the kanji for "to catch" (捕, toraeru) and use it to seal the Kajiki Origami into it after reeling the wild Origami in. During the battle with Tsubotoguro, Kotoha uses this Origami.

Appearances: Shinkenger Episodes

Tora Origami

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Tora Origami (虎折神, Tora Origami, Tiger Folding God) is a white tiger-themed Origami. In the previous war with the Gedoshu, the Tora Origami somehow ended up on the banks of the Sanzu River. It came under the control of the Ayakashi Hitomidama, who used it to attack the city. Takeru Shiba, using the Shishi Origami, broke the spell and bound the Tora Origami with a Secret Disk originally marked with the kanji for "reverse" (反, han). It forms the main body of DaiTenku.

By itself, the Tora Origami can use its drill-shaped legs to dig chasms or to burrow underground. The Tora Origami also has a Disc-like feature in its body for mobility to limit the destruction the Tora Origami can bring unintentionally.

Additional Formations

Each of the components for DaiTenku can combine with ShinkenOh.

Kabuto ShinkenOh

"Kabuto ShinkenOh! Tenka Busou!"
―post-combination announcement[src]

The combination of Samurai Gattai ShinkenOh and Kabuto Origami. It can fire the Kabuto Hou, a flurry of cyan and orange laser beams from the visible barrels in its helmet.

Its finisher is the Kabuto Daikaiten Hou ( Great Revolving Cannon), where the Gattai kneels, the helmet closes up, then it spins rapidly, gathering light orange energy as it does. Once finished, it fires a great orange fireball at the foe, decimating him/her.

Appearances: Shinkenger Episode 5

Kajiki ShinkenOh

"Kajiki ShinkenOh! Tenka Busou!"
―post-combination announcement[src]

Appearances: Shinkenger Episodes 7,

Tora ShinkenOh

"Tora ShinkenOh! Tenka Busou!"
―post-combination announcement[src]

Appearances: Shinkenger Episode 9,

Cho Samurai Gattai Tenku ShinkenOh

Super Samurai Gattai Tenku ShinkenOh (超侍合体テンクウシンケンオー, Chō Samurai Gattai Tenku Shinken'ō, Super Samurai Combination Sky True Sword King) is the combination of Samurai Gattai ShinkenOh and DaiTenku. In this combination, DaiTenku grants ShinkenOh the ability to fly. It performs its own variation of ShinkenOh's Daishinken Samurai Slash in Tenku Bamboo Slice (天空唐竹割り, Tenkū Karatake Wari). The Tenkuu ShinkenOh can also be summoned by a single Super Shinkenger, using the Inromaru and the Cho Samurai Gattai Disc.

Appearances: Shinkenger Episodes 12, 14-15, 17, 21-22, 42, 49

Samurai Formation 23

Samurai Formation 23

Samurai Formation 23

The Samurai Formation 23 (サムライフォーメーション23Samurai Fōmēshon Tuentisurī) is a formation between SamuraiHaOh and Engine-O G12. In this form, ShinkenOh, DaiKaiOh, MouGyuuDaiOh, Kyouretsu-O, and Engine-O G9 use the Ika Tenku Buster to execute the Samurai Engine Super Grand Release (侍・炎神・スーパー大開砲 Samurai Enjin Sūpā Daikaihō) attack.

This formation is exclusive to Samurai Sentai Shinkenger vs. Go-onger: Ginmaku Bang!!.

Other Combinations

Prs-Tenku Nakinakite

Nakinakite with DaiTenku

  • Ryunosuke clutches Daitenkuu onto the back of Ayakashi Nakinakite, creating a combination akin to the monster's ability of creating "children" that grab onto the backs of its opponent, such as what it pulled on Shinken-Oh. Though successfully leading to the destruction of the Ayakashi, Ryunosuke is still yelled at by his teammates for such a stupid idea.Act 13: The Heavy Cries
  • DaiTenku, combined with Ika Origami forms Shin Samurai Armament Ika Tenkuu Buster, which is used as the main weapon for DaiKaiShinken-Oh.


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