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"“You think you’re sorry now. Just wait. HA HA HA HA!”"
―The Samurai Fan Man's first words when confronting Tommy and Kimberly in the woods. These words were in reference to Kimberly apologising for falling and forcing Tommy to catch her.[src]

""“Pretty steamed aren’t you? Well, MY FAN should cool you off!”"
―The Fan Man when unleashing his signature attack after an attack from Trini had failed.[src]

"“You GOT IT!”"
―The Samurai Fan Man after Goldar said to finish them off before charging at the Megazord and Dragonzord as well as his final words before his death.[src]

Samurai Fan Man's wind blast

Samurai Fan Man's signature attack.

The Samurai Fan Man (usually refereed to as just "(the) Fan Man") was the fan-wielding samurai monster created by Finster. He serves as the main antagonist of the episode "Calamity Kimberly".


The Samurai Fan Man was created by Finster to make Kimberly's already awful day even worse and Rita teleported him down to Earth. The Samurai Fan Man then ambushed Kimberly and Tommy in the Park and opened up his gourd to quickly neutralise Tommy (putting him in a temporary coma) and then captured Kimberly with it. Inside his jug is an alternate dimension, where he trapped Kimberly. It was said by Alpha that if the jar broke, she'd be trapped there forever. Weapons in his arsenal include his fan (which fires electrical sparks and a huge gust of wind, the main purpose of which is to blow his adversaries long distances away from him), a large steel rake, a lance, and explosive quills on his helmet that seem to regenerate themselves. The Rangers, after a briefing from Zordon met him there and a battle then ensued between them, the Fan Man, and Goldar who had joined him right after his capture of Kimberly. The Fan Man proved too much for Jason and Trini and ended the skirmish by summoning his fan and blowing away the Rangers. This was intended  to send them to another dimension forever but Alpha and Zordon managed to rescue them. Thinking the Rangers gone, the Fan Man went to a cafe swarmed with Putties (called the Putty Bowl Restaurant) alongside Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar to celebrate until the Rangers went to fight him once again.

Kimberly was still trapped inside the jug when Rita made the Samurai Fan Man and Goldar grow to a giant size. Jason then called on Tommy, who had just woken up from his coma who then morphed and joined the others (against Alpha's wishes, as Tommy was recovering from an injury at the Command Center). Tommy called on the Dragonzord, which combined with the other Zords to form the Dragonzord Battle Mode. None of its attacks could harm the Samurai Fan Man, although they did catch him by surprise and made him drop his rake. The battle continued to go poorly, with their best efforts only pushing him back a bit (before taking some hits of their own). Luckily, they began to turn the tide when they summoned the Power Staff managed to cut the monster's gourd loose with a stab from the Power Staff, freeing Kimberly. After a quick battle with the samurai lance which overpowered the Rangers. Kimberly had summoned her Pterodactyl Dinozord so Jason, knowing that they needed more power, had the team form the Megazord. They called on the Power Sword, breaking the Samurai Fan Man's Samurai Lance, but he then blew blow both the Megazord and Dragonzord away simultaneously with his fan, which were stopped by a nearby mountainside. Goldar ordered him to kill them and he charged but the Rangers recovered. Jason then called on Titanus to form the Ultrazord, which was finally able to destroy the monster and his fan which forced an angry Goldar to retreat. Calamity Kimberly

He makes a second appearance in the infamous episode "Crystal of Nightmares" as part of Kimberly's bad dream, presumably as revenge for being defeated. Crystal of Nightmares


Samurai Fan Man was a ruthless, headstrong, arrogant and psychopathic monster, that won't stop at nothing to destroy the Power Rangers. He was also a skilled and cunning strategist, as he used his jug to trap Kimberly and nearly won. However, his arrogance was his weakness, as he underestimated the Rangers and was eventually defeated.

Powers And Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength: The Samurai Fan Man is so strong that he can swing his fan with enough force to blow away both Rangers and Zords.
  • Durability-The Samurai Fan Man has very thick skin that meant the combined firepower of the Triceratops and Sabretooth Tiger Dinozords' tail blasts.
  • Skilled Fighter: Samurai Fan Man is so skilled at fighting that he can overwhelm both the Dragonzord in Battle Mode and the Megazord easily.
  • Explosive Quills: The Samurai Fan Man can pull quills out of his helmet and pitch them forth. Just two of these were powerful enough that just two of them knocked back the Dragonzord Battle Mode.


  • Fan: The Samurai Fan Man's signature weapon and namesake. The Samurai Fan Man can blow away his enemies with this massive Japanese battle fan.
    • Attack Wind: The fan can unleash gusts of wind when flapped so violent that even the Megazord and Dragonzord were blown backwards into a mountain.
    • Explosive Sparkles: When flapping, the fan can unleash sparks that cause damage and add insult to injury.
  • Gourd: The Samurai Fan Man has a massive Japanese gourd that he can use to seal Rangers inside. It was grown giant with him but destroyed by the Dragonzord in Battle Mode's tail lance.
    • Collapsing Dimension: The Samurai Fan Man's gourd has a dimension inside which will vanish over time along with the victim. This was clearly added for the sake of adding stakes and a ticking clock to the plot.
  • Samurai Lance: The Samurai Fan Man's primary hand to hand weapon when enlarged which has two razor sharp blades on either end for combat. It was rendered useless when the Power Sword slashed off the ends and just became a stick so was discarded.
  • Steel Rake: The Samurai Fan Man's primary weapon whilst small that can cut down six Rangers.
  • Samurai Helmet: The Samurai Fan Man has a helmet with no offensive abilities besides providing him with explosive quills.

Behind The Scenes


  • Like many other characters, Samurai Fan Man was voiced by Tom Wyner.


  • Samurai Fan Man is the first monster of the week destroyed by the Dino Ultrazord and any Ultrazord as a whole.
    • It first destroyed the Wheel of Misfortune which is a weapon (albeit a sentient one) and not a monster, the next episode featured no monsters being destroyed by any formation or Zord, the next had it deployed against Lokar who not only fled and didn’t die but is a main villain and not a monster of the week, and the very next episode didn’t feature the Ultrazord at all.
  • The Samurai Fan Man is based upon a samurai but his counterpart, Dora Kinkaku, is based upon the character Jin Jao AKA the Golden Horned King from Journey to The West which is why he has that comically sized battle fan.
    • Dragonball Z fans may also recognise his lance as looking similar to a Power Pole from that series since both Fan Man and Dragonball are both based upon the same popular book.
  • The Samurai Fan Man's fan powers makes him very similar to King Sphinx and his wing flapping abilities. The biggest difference between the two power sets however is that King Sphinx had this power using his wings (a part of his body) whereas the Fan Man requires a massive fan to use this ability.
    • Additionally, Fan Man's ability to send people flying into other dimensions is somewhat similar to King Sphinx's counterpart, Dora Sphinx. However, Dora Sphinx didn't send people into other dimensions and instead trapped children in trees to make them suffer to Bandora's glee.
  • The Samurai Fan Man is arguably Rita's most dangerous monster (even more so than Frankenstein, Brick Bully or even Impursonator) judging by Zordon's description of him. The Samurai Fan Man was so tough that Zordon recommended using their Zords against the small Samurai Fan Man to crush him, and the other Rangers recommended the Dragonzord in addition to the other four Zords, implying that the small Samurai Fan Man would defeat their Zords.
    • This is also the only time in Power Rangers history that he makes this recommendation.
  • In Zyuranger, Dora Kinkaku does not have a creation scene and instead appeared when he ambushed Mei/Kimberly and some kids carrying the Dinosaur Eggs/Power Eggs. The only villain scene before this was Bandora reading and complaining about Journey to The West and thus getting her inspiration for the monster.
    • The creation scene used in this episode comes from "High Five" with the shots of Bones cut out to hide this and a shot originally created for the episode "Teamwork" used to cover the transition to shots of him on Earth (originally used when he attacked the quartet by thier warehouse.
  • The concept of Rangers being sealed away by a gourd would be repeated 21 years later with Nojoke in the Megaforce episode "Last Laugh ."
  • This was used as an example by Joe Rovang of an instance where the Power Rangers would call on a more advanced Zord configuration than seemed necessary (using an Ultrazord finisher without first trying the Power Sword), although in this instance they did use the Power Staff finisher which only cut the jug loose, so it's unlikely the Power Sword would have done more than scratch damage. A better example would have been the Two-Headed Parrot, although it seemed that was to scare him into surrendering.
  • Unlike most monsters who cower in fear of the Ultrazord, Samurai Fan Man confidently charged at it, ready to attack. Perhaps this was due to overconfidence following his success in easily handling the individual zords, the Megazord, and the Dragonzord Battle Mode.
  • Samurai Fan Man switched back and forth between speaking perfect English and savage grunts.

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