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"Samurai Storm, Ranger Form! HA!"

The Samurai Cyclone Morpher was the Green Samurai Ranger's morphing device, materializing from the Samurai Amulet Cam wore around his neck. It was shaped like a fist sized green ball and also included a Power Disc.

The Ninja Storm Rangers were robbed of their powers by Lothor, with the morphers all being cast into the Abyss of Evil. Storm Before the Calm The team reclaimed, and shortly after, permanently lost their morphing powers in a final battle against him (alongside the Dino Thunder Rangers). It is assumed after the power loss, Cam kept the amulet, due to the history of it in his family. Thunder Storm

Years later, however, Cam was able to morph again and joined his fellow Ninja Rangers with the other Legendary Rangers to help the Mega Rangers to defeat the Armada. Legendary Battle

Alternative to the Samurai Cyclone Morpher, the Super Mega Rangers used a Legendary Ranger Key provided by Gosei to assume the corresponding Ranger form as a Legendary Ranger Mode.

Morphing Sequence

Cam would call "Samurai Storm! Ranger Form! HA!" to access his Ranger powers.
PRNS - Cam

PRNS - Cam

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