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For the similarly named zord in Power Rangers Dino Fury, see Tiger Claw Zord.
"ClawZord, I need you!"
Antonio summoning the ClawZord[src]

The Samurai ClawZord is the Gold Samurai Ranger's second Zord which is a Lobster. Antonio stores it, along with the OctoZord, in his fish cooler. Like the rest of the Zords, it appears to have some sort of animalistic intelligence.


The Clawzord was critically damaged in battle many years ago and Ji, now recognizing Antonio as part of the team and acknowledging his symbol power and technical skills, gives it to him to repair. It becomes his personal Megazord after the repairs are complete. It is utilized the same way as the OctoZord and the FoldingZords by enlarging it with samurai symbols - while the FoldingZords are enlarged with the kanji for 'super' (超), Antonio enlarges this Zord with the kanji for 'lobster/shrimp' (蝦).

Powers and abilities

  • Strength: The ClawZord, even in its original animal like form, was strong enough to pick up and throw Splitface with its pincer claws.
  • Claw Mauling: The ClawZord can maul its enemies by jabbing them multiple times in the torso with its pincer claws. It only did this to Splitface and Epoxar.
  • Claw Spinners: The ClawZord can charge red energy into its pincer claws to generate massive red energy disks to throw at the enemies strong enough to knock down two lines of giant Moogers.
  • Energy Streak: The ClawZord can prep itself and charge up with multi-colored energy, before flying off the ground and slamming through enemies hard enough to kill them. This was only used to finish off the last group of giant Moogers in the episode "Broken Dreams."
  • Claw Battlezord Transformation: The ClawZord can transform into a Megazord-like mode called the Claw Battlezord.

Claw Battlezord

ClawZord/Claw Battlezord cockpit

The Claw Battlezord is the Battle Mode of the ClawZord and Antonio's personal Megazord. It has 4 modes that are changed by Antonio spinning a disc that appears next to him in the cockpit, three of which not requiring the Claw Battlezord combining with another Zord to attain. For each mode, a kanji is assigned - these kanji, which are the kanji for the four compass points, and written in a stylized writing style on the forehead of each form, mean that the Claw Battlezord bears a compass theme/motif in its transformations.

Claw Battlezord East

Primary/default battle form with a red face. This formation lacks any weapons of any sort and fights solely with its fists.

Its finisher, and Claw Battlezord's finishing attack overall, is the Claw Pincher Slash where its lobster claws fold into position onto its arms and unleash a massive red double energy slash. In the episode "Boxed In", just two slashes were able to annihilate an entire army of giant Moogers.

This form is marked with , the kanji for 'East'.

Claw Battlezord West

Second battle mode with a green face that uses the ClawZord's tail as a fan-like weapon and was strong enough to deflect three volleys worth of arrows.

This form is marked as 西, the kanji for 'West'.

Claw Battlezord South

Third battle mode with a light blue face which wields swords made from the ClawZord's head and attacks with the Double Katana Strike where it charges up its blades with blue energy and slashes into the monster with lethal force. In the episode "The Rescue", when combined with the Samurai Shark Megazord's Sharkzord Slash, it destroyed Eyescar.

This form is marked as , the kanji for 'South'.

Other Combinations

Claw Battlezord North

When the Claw Battlezord combines with the OctoZord, its fourth mode is unlocked. Claw Battlezord North attacks with the OctoZord as a lance. It has a gold and red face.

This form is marked as , the kanji for 'North'.

Claw Armor Megazord

The Claw Battlezord can also combine with the Samurai Megazord via the Super Samurai Union Disc and the Black Box to form an even bigger six-zord-assembled Megazord. The Claw Armor Megazord is a six-zord combination that can be accessed with the Black Box. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Super Samurai (episode) It can be accessed when a Ranger in Super Mega Mode places the Super Samurai Union Disk inside the Black Box while in the cockpit. The Claw Armor Megazord can be formed even with a Ranger absent. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Shell Game Furthermore, a Ranger in Super Mode can also use the Super Samurai Union Disc through the Black Box to form the Megazord even when they are yet to assume Mega Mode - the consequence of this is that the Zords that form Claw Armor Megazord are automatically summoned and combined and the Ranger instantly assumes Mega Mode when they transfer into the cockpit.

It was used, combined with the Samurai Battle Cannon, to finish off Arachnitor, Armadeevil, Duplicator (with the Light Megazord's assistance), and Pestilox. It by itself has defeated Switchbeast.

To transform, part of the legs of the ClawZord contributes to the height of the new Megazord. The body of the Samurai Megazord bends backwards to allow for the upper body of the Battlezord to attach, while the Samurai Megazord's former arms form scabbards for the ClawZord's swords. On one occasion, the Claw Armor Megazord used a giant brush to create the Symbol Power Shield (反, han).

The formation's signature attack is the Double Katana Strike where it swings around its swords in an impossible circle of its wrists with blue lightning striking and energizing the blades. The left one would slash diagonally right and the right would strike diagonally left before unleashing a devastating double energy slash into the enemy. In the episode "Trading Places", when only Mike and Emily piloted the Megazord, it was able to kill Switchbeast whereas it was usually only able to kill giant Moogers.

The Megazord's primary finishing attack, however, involves summoning the OctoZord, TigerZord, BeetleZord and SwordfishZord to form the Samurai Battle Cannon. It would then fire the Megazord's most commonly used finisher, the Battle Cannon Blast which involves firing energy copies of all nine Zords which make up the Claw Armor Megazord and Battle Cannon to slam into the enemy and tear them apart. It destroyed Arachnitor and his Spitfangs, Armadeevil, and Duplicator.

When a Ranger is in Shogun Mode, the attack is named the Shogun Battle Cannon Blast and is visually identical but this version is apparently stronger.




  • It is shown that Antonio, instead of inputting the kanji for 'change' (変) into his Samurai Morpher to morph ClawZord into Claw Battlezord, inputs the kanji for 'east' for the transformation. This is unexplained in the show.

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