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"Samurai Battlewing we are united!"
―Jayden, Mike & Kevin announcing the combination[src]

The Samurai Battlewing is formed when the male Samurai Rangers, with their Samuraizers write the kanji for 'unite' to make the BeetleZord, SwordfishZord, and TigerZord combine. This mode resembles an ancient legendary Japanese bird.


Samurai Battlewing Cockpit

The Samurai Battlewing's attacks are the Vortex Spin and the finisher Charging Slash where it fires three rings from the bodies of its components and fires forth into the Nighlok monster with enough force to obliterate them. It was used to finish off Desperaino.

Samurai Artillery Zords


For the similarly named zord in Power Rangers Ninja Storm, see Navy Beetlezord.
For the similarly named zord in Power Rangers Megaforce, see Beetle Zord (Megaforce).

The Green Samurai Ranger's second Zord that resembles a Hercules Beetle and is armed with cannons that launch powerful laser blasts for long-range combat while its rotating pincers are used to knock over giant Nighloks. It is summoned by the Beetle Disc, which at first Jayden piloted, and then assigned to Mia. Mike proved he deserved the Disc, and Mia let him summon and control the Zord instead. Once summoned, the Disc becomes part of the Zord-sized body. It becomes a helmet and armor for the Samurai Megazord, forming the Beetle Blaster Megazord.


The Blue Samurai Ranger's second Zord that resembles a Swordfish and can fire torpedoes as well as be used as a sword. It is summoned by the Swordfish Disc. In ancient times, it escaped (or got lost) and roamed the ocean for centuries until the Blue Ranger used his Symbol Power, a fishing rod, and a blank Power Disc to seal it back into the possession of the Samurai Rangers. It becomes a helmet and armor for the Samurai Megazord, forming the Swordfish Fencer Megazord.

After the battle with Xandred years before, it escaped into the oceans around Panorama City  but was recaptured by Kevin.


For the similarly named zord in Power Rangers Ninja Steel see Tiger Zord

For the similarly named zord in Power Rangers Ninja Steel, see Tiger Zord.

The Red Ranger's second Zord that resembles a White Tiger and has the ability to burrow underground and create chasms. It is summoned from the Tiger Disc. In attack mode, its drill arms can spring forward, while the disc rolls it towards the enemy. During the battle when Master Xandred was sealed in the Netherworld, the TigerZord, locked in battle, fell in the chasm as well and was taken control by Madimot but later regained by Jayden in the episode "I've Got a Spell on Blue." It becomes a helmet and armor for the Samurai Megazord, forming the Tiger Drill Megazord. The TigerZord Samurai Disc that it has yellow ridges instead of being the same color as the rest of the disc.

Samurai Artillery Combinations

Each of the three components of the Samurai Battlewing can be used as Samurai Artillery, combining with the Samurai Megazord. Its finishing move is initiated when the Rangers summon their Mega Blades and then slash diagonally (for the Beetle Blaster Megazord), straight down (for the Swordfish Fencer Megazord), or stab straight ahead (for the Tiger Drill Megazord).

Beetle Blaster Megazord

"Beetle Blaster Megazord. Armed for Battle!"
―Red Samurai Ranger[src]

The Beetle Blaster Megazord is formed when the BeetleZord forms into armor for the Samurai Megazord to wear. It is equipped with many long range cannons in its helmet that are strong enough to disarm Dreadhead and destroy at least three giant Moogers with a single blast.

Its finishing attack is the Beetle Cannon Strike which it closes the beetle horns which start rotating to charge up with orange energy (creating the kanji for "fire" in the process) before firing a giant fireball to slam into the enemy and slay them. It was used to finish off Dreadhead and Negatron.

Appearances: S Episodes 5-6, 8, SS Episodes 2, 14

Swordfish Fencer Megazord

The Swordfish Fencer Megazord is formed when the SwordfishZord forms into armor for the Samurai Megazord to wear. It attaches to the back and head of the Samurai Megazord as well as creating a twin sword that destroys Nighloks and is able to load that sword on to its head for more power.

Its finishing move is the Swordfish Slash where the Rangers activate their Mega Blades before the Megazord tosses its sword up into its helmet, the nose bending down to make room. It then swings it around to charge it with blue energy before cleaving straight down, slicing through the monster with lethal force. It was used to finish off Yamiror.

Tiger Drill Megazord

The Tiger Drill Megazord is formed when the TigerZord forms into armor for the Samurai Megazord to wear. Its weapons are the Tiger Drills which spin towards the Nighlok with all four drills spinning.

Its finishing move is the Tiger Drill Charge where it bends forth, aiming and activating the drills on its back at the enemy, and then advancing as the drills whirl to rip straight through the monster. It was used to finish off Madimot and Pestilox's bugs.

Battlewing Megazord

The Battlewing Megazord was conceptualized by Kevin the Blue Ranger. It is formed when the Rangers write the kanji for "unite" to make the Samurai Megazord and Battlewing combine.

It is flight-capable and armed with the Samurai Megazord's katana, which it uses for its Flying Slash finisher where it flies into the air and winds its gears, charging its blade with yellow energy and making it appear longer before plummeting at a 90 degree angle before cutting straight through the monster.

If the Megazord takes too much damage in battle, the Samurai Battlewing is disengaged from the Samurai Megazord. This only happened twice, once in the battle against General Gut and again in the battle against a Papyrox. It was used to finish off Robtish, Vulpes, and Gred. It also was used to finish Gigertox's second life, although he had a third form as a serpent of dark mist which required the Gigazord to destroy.

Other Combinations

  • The Samurai Battlewing could combine with the OctoZord to form the Samurai Battle Cannon which the Claw Armor Megazord can use. It attacks with the Battle Cannon Blast where it fires a massive barrage of energy which turns into all nine Zords which make up the Claw Armor Megazord and Battle Cannon. A more powerful version, the Shogun Battle Cannon Blast, is identical to the normal attack but is used when any Ranger is inShogun Mode.


  • Samurai Sharkwing

    In the toyline, the SharkZord can combine with the BeetleZord and SwordfishZord to create the Samurai Sharkwing. However, this combination did not appear in the show.

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