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Samurai is the eighteenth episode of Power Rangers S.P.D..


When Emperor Gruumm brings an alien samurai named Katana from the past, Commander Cruger sends the B-Squad to Kyoto, Japan to defend it from Gruumm. Doggie leaves Newtech City defenseless and brings the Delta Base to Japan and Gruumm takes advantage of this opportunity.


Cruger and Jack are in a training session and Cruger defeats him. Cruger break Jack's sword. Jack thinks that if he had the Shadow Saber he could probably beat Cruger. Commander Cruger disagrees and says: "No you couldn't. Even if I gave you my sword, and I took what was left, I'll still defeat you. Your arrogance is blinding. It has you believing that it is the sword that makes the difference and not the swordsman." Jack is unconvinced. Meanwhile, Emperor Gruumm and Morgana comes up with a plan. Emperor Gruumm uses the time portal, to bring Katana from the past and into the present. Katana is an alien who was trained by a Samurai and became the first alien Samurai. In the academy Bridge demonstrates his ability to read thoughts and he reads thoughts of Jack and learns about Jack's intentions to get Shadow Saber. Jack tells his friends that he is right and if Cruger gave him Shadow Saber, Jack would win. Suddenly Kat calls all Rangers to the Command Center.

Katana arrives at the Kyoto and Cruger and Kat inform the Rangers about Katana and that he arrived from the future. Katana walks in the forest and says that this forest is familiar but different at the same time. Cruger sends B-Squad to the Japan to solve a roblem. Katana realizes that it's not his Kyoto, which he promised to protect, but still decides to protect the city. Rangers arrive at Kyoto and use abilities of Bridge to find Katana. Katana finds the tourists in the car and calls the car a helmet dragon. He tells the people that if they try to conquer Kyoto, they will face his wrath. Katana attacks the people and says "Good. Kyoto is safe". Rangers arrive. Katana tells the heroes that their stance signs fierce aggresion. Katana asks who  they are. Katana asks if they are warriors of some invading tribe and trying to conquer Kyoto. Power Rangers answer that they are Space Patrol Delta. Sky asks if Katana surrender quietly and Katana answers that he doesn't surrender his sword to anyone, except his emperor. Kaana says that he is the defender of Kyoto and attacks the rangers. Rangers battle Katana. Katana kicks Jack's weapon out of his hand and gives Jack his weapon back, saying that he will not fight an unarmed opponent and the battle continues. Broodwing doesn't like the odds and releases several Krybots. The cadets battle the Krybots and Katana leaves. After the battle, the cadets want to search for Katana. Jack tells them of what Katana had him but didn't battle him because he didn't have a weapon. Katana comes to Kyoto again, but still didn't understand what happened to his city. Broodwing arrives and takes Katana with him. Broodwing lies to Katana that rangers are invaders and want to destroy Kyoto. Broodwing tells Katana that rangers already defeated the squad of soldiers, which Broodwing sent to aid Katana. Broodwing promises Katana a giant robot to defend the city. Rangers are still looking for Katana and Bridge finds him. Bridge tells his friends that Katana's energy is fading fast. Bridge told the rangers that the longer Katana is in the past the less likely Bridge is able to track samurai. Suddenly the giant robot appears and starts stealing buildings in Kyoto. Jack asks Bridge if Katana is inside the robot, but Bridge answers that Katana's energy keeps in the other direction. Sky contacts Cruger and tells him about the robot and that he is stealing shrines of Kyoto. Cruger tells Kat about it and Kat says that she can transport the Delta Base to Kyoto in less than ten minutes. Cruger is glad and Kat transports Delta Base to Kyoto, according to the plan. Katana arrives at his temple and says that it looks old enough. Rangers arrive and battle Katana. Heroes are confused when Katana says that they picked the ground of his ancestors to be defeated. Rangers battle Katana. During the battle Katana attacks the rangers with his attack Strike of Kyoto, summoning the power of his ancestors. Rangers are defeated and Katana tells them that let it be a lesson for them. Then Katana leaves. Kat informs the commander that by transporting the Delta Base, they will leave Newtech City completely defenseless. Cruger answers that he understands the risk but they can't afford to let Gruumm get a foothold anywhere on Earth. Kat agrees and prepare Delta Base for Hyper Speed Robo mode and commences the countdown. Commander Cruger is reluctant to leave Newtech City defenseless but he can not let Gruumm get a foot hold anywhere. Delta Base transforms and leaves Newtech City. Rangers summoned Delta Runners and battle the giant robot. Sky attacks the robot first. Then Jack combines his Delta Runner with Sky's and they attack the robot together. However attacks of the rangers are unneffective. Cruger tells the rangers to return to the base to give the energy of their zords to enhance the Megazord. Rangers return to the base. Then rangers form Delta Squad Megazord and tie the robot with ropes. Kat tells the Rangers that Bluehead Krybot is piloting the robot.

Cruger sends Jack to find Katana, but Jack tells Cruger to give him the Shadow Saber. Jack says that Katana is a great master and he easily beat all five rangers, and so Jack needs the shadow saber to defeat him. Cruger tells Jack that he doesn't need his sword, all is in his head. However Jack demands the saber, saying that they have little time. Cruger gives him some sword, saying that it is a Shadow Saber. Meanwhile, krybots collect containers with iridium in Newtech City and Gruumm congratulates Broodwing with his job, promising Broodwing Japan after Katana and the robot destroy the rangers. Jack finds Katana, while Katana is thinking and meditating like all samurais. Katana asks Jack what does he want and Jack proposes Katana to help Katana return to his time by opening the portal again, but Katana refuses from help and tries to explain that he and his friends aren't invaders and Gruumm manipulated Katana. Jack says that evil emperor Gruumm brought Katana from the future to aid his plan and the rangers came to stop Gruumm. Katana doesn't believe the Red Ranger. Katana says that no one uses Katana and he fights for the freedom of Kyoto. Jack reminds Katana that he is a noble warrior and he gave Jack his sword during the battle, which is already a sign of nobility. Katana tells Jack that only battle can reveal if Jack tells the truth. Jack battles Katana. First Jack fights Katana unmorphed, but Katana again kicks Jack's sword and again gives it back to Jack. Then Jack morphs. Meanwhile, Broodwing watches as the giant robot tears the ropes and rangers battle the robot. Broodwing is glad. Kat tells the Rangers that if they aim for the orbs, they'll not demage the buildings and destroy the robot. Rangers do so and all buildings return to their original locations and the robot is destroyed. In the woods, Jack and Katana continue to duel and eventually Red Ranger wins. Jack apologizes as he uses the Judgment Scanner on Katana. The scanner finds Katana not guilty. Katana praises Jack and says that Red Ranger is a noble warrior. Jack says that Katana is good too. The portal opens again and Katana decides to go back to his time. Jack asks if Katana will stay in this time to protect Kyoto and Katana answers that Kyoto is safe with Jack and his team. Afterwards, S.P.D. headquarters returns to Newtech City. Commander Cruger informs the B-Squad cadets that they had a victory but at a cost of a loss. Commander Cruger tells the cadets by going to Japan, they left Newtech City defenseless and Emperor Gruumm took advantage of their absence. Emperor Gruumm had the Krybots steal several containers of Iridium. Commander Cruger tells the cadets that Emperor Gruumm is up to something and they need to find out what it is. The cadets leave the command center trailed by a small, white orb.

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Later, Jack and Commander Cruger meet outside. Jack is thrilled that he finally has the Shadow Saber. Commander Cruger tells Jack that he does not have the Shadow Saber and the saber reverts to its true form in Jack's hands. Jack is upset that Commander Cruger let him take on the most powerful Samurai in the history with an ordinary sword. Commander Cruger points out that Jack won. Commander Cruger challenges Jack to another lesson. They both suit up and begin to duel.





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