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"My name is Samon Shakekisutanchin! This year's Christmas will be all about salmon! No more chicken! Instead of chicken, you should be eating salmon!"
―Samon Shakekisutanchin introducing himself[src]

"You're gonna eat salmon for Christmas!"
―Samon Shakekisutanchin's infamous quote, which later became a meme[src]

"Salmon! Come back!"
―Samon when enlarged.[src]

"Argh! Salmon won't come back!"
―Final words before death[src]

Samon Shakekisutanchin (サモーン・シャケキスタンチン Samōn Shakekisutanchin) is a salmon-themed Gangler Monster from the Interdimensional Crime Group Gangler, equipped with the "The wolf's hunger/Une faim de loup"  piece from the Lupin Collection.


With the Hungry Like the Wolf / Une Faim de Loup Lupin Collection's ability, he sniffs out any store that sells chicken and forces the store owners to replace it with salmon. However, this kind of commotion brought the attention of Patren2gou, which is the reason why he's forcing the citizens to have salmon instead of chicken on Christmas day. After that, both he and the Porderman retreats.

You're gonna eat salmon for Christmas!.png

He appeared on screen announcing that everyone will be eating salmon rather than chicken during Christmas because if they have chicken, they will be punished.

A while later, he appeared at the exact location where Touma is making chicken that's been brought from Paris because this was used as a trap so Samon battle Patren1gou and Noel. He used his food recipe to put these two Patrangers to have salmon, but to their response was firing a couple blast at Samon right at the feet of the Lupinrangers where they gained access to his safe (which his password is 4-1-9) and got the Lupin Collection and was taken out by the Lupinrangers and Patrangers.

However, Goche Ru Medou enlarged him and a couple of Pordermen to battle X Emperor, Victory Lupin Kaiser and the Lupin Magnum. After that he was then destroyed by X Emperor Gunner, Victory Lupin Kaiser and the Lupin Magnum.


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Powers and Abilities


  • Enhanced Smell: Due to the Hungry Like the Wolf / Une Faim de Loup Lupin Collection equipped in his safe, Samon's sense of smell was increased significantly, allowing him to find chicken sellers all over Japan, though he wasn't able to smell as far as France.
  • Salmon Manifestation: Samon is able to manipulate salmon out of thin air and serve them to people.
  • Fragoportation: Samon can teleport via explosion.
  • Food Recipe: Samon can say any of his salmon themed recipes to make his opponents fall into these illusions during battle.


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  • Tsuritsuriken (ツリツリケン): Samon wields a salmon bone-style fishing rod-like weapon for combat and is capable of casting a line to catch things. When saying his illusionary recipes, he strums it like a guitar.
  • Salted Salmon Blades: Salmon-like blades wielded by Samon. These weapons were passed to giant Pordermen after being enlarged.


  • Criminal Record: Salmon harassment
  • Lupin Collection: The wolf's hunger/Une faim de loup Wolf Head Paperweight
  • Gangler Safe Location: Chest
  • Password: 4-1-9

Behind the Scenes



  • Samon Shakekisutanchin was designed by Masato Hisa.
  • Samon Shakekisutanchin’s suit is a modified and repainted version of Ryugu Tamatebacco’s suit.


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