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Samelar is Vader Monster "15" of the Vader Clan.

Character History

Samelar worked alongside Keller and Mirror to develop a special "shark bacteria" that overcomes and turns anyone infected by it into rust. Doing so in secret using a scientist on the Fujiyamamaru boat docked in Atami, the Denziman investigate while he takes the guise of the scientist's sick son to make it seem like nothing is wrong. When Chieko confirms that the son is in a hospital in Tokyo to the Denziman, Samelar confronts them in combat, first attacking on the ground, then briefly in giant form fighting DaiDenzin before shrinking again and becoming struck by the DenziSticks long enough to be destroyed by DenziStick Boomerang.


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His main abilities involve abilities equated to being a shark, including strength, swimming, and sharp "Shark Jaws" that bite. HHis main ability is to shed its body and merely use its head to swim around on the ground to attack and bite any target, whether it be human or even DaiDenzin. He can also disguise himself into a human form, as it does to take the form of the scientist's son. He can also jump high teleport, and has an oar staff that throws bombs.

Behind the Scenes


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  • Naming: "Same" - "Shark"
  • One of Samelar's moves is "Same no Kiba", which is Japanese for "Shark Jaws"; this is the name of a notable move for a Ranger next season.


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