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Samejigokugin (サメジゴクギン Samejigokugin) (34) is the Combined Galactic Warrior of the Silver Imperial Army Zone, combining attributes of the shark-like Samejigin (サメジギン Samejigin) and the antlion-like Arijigokugin (アリジゴクギン Arijigokugin)

Character History

Samejigokugin is created by Chevalier to be the provider for a Zone feast by using its abilities to capture humans that can be canned and feasted upon by the evil forces. Although with its preferences for female victims (attacking various athletic female groups), its likewise instructed to capture Fiveman, at first capturing Kazumi, then later Ken and Fumiya. Gaku and Remi decide to capture the Combined Galactic Warrior, by having Remi lure it into a trap where it becomes "fished" by Gaku using a crane. With it defeated and the canned humans freed, it goes down via the Super Five Ball before Chevalier uses Gorlin #29 to enlarge it and then brings in the Black Gorlin for support. Fiveman fight it at first with FiveRobo before bringing in Star Carrier to defeat it with the FiveRobo Riding Attack.



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  • Possessing attributes of a shark and antlion, it can swim through the dirt like how a shark swims through water (with its fin poking from above the ground) and create antlion pits which capture those who fall within them. Those captured in the pit become canned, captured to be partaken in Zone's feasting.

Behind the Scenes


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