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"What is this?! It's really, really, really amazing! I'm burning out..."
―Final words before Death[src]

Sambaba (サンババ Sanbaba) is one of the Players from Team Azald.

Character History

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  • Medal Slot: Belly
  • Blood Game: Samba dancing while causing fires to harm people
  • Genre: Dancing Rhythm


  • Moeba Dancer (メーバダンサー Mēba Dansā): Sambaba's personal Moebas that are dressed in samba outfits.

Powers and Abilities

  • Hand: Sambaba's primary "weapon", in which he can use to strike his opponents.
  • Eye Blast: Allows Sambaba to fire an energy burst from his eye.
  • Fire Dance: A move in which Sambaba can create a field of fire around him while dancing.
  • Combo: Let's Samba! (レッツ、サンバ! Rettsu Sanba): A Combo Move in which Sambaba's dancing creates fireballs that can home in on an opponet.

    Concept Art

Behind the Scenes



  • Sambaba's name comes from "Samba ", a lively, rhythmical dance of Afro Brazilian origin.
  • Sambaba's dance looks similar to the transformation dance from Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger. The music that plays is also similar to the music played during the Transformation Sequence of Kyoryuger.
  • Like all Zyuohger enemies, Sambaba shares elements from past sentai villains. One of the most noteworthy is The Gerzol from Flashman, and Transcendenterfly God Deboth from Kyoryuger.
  • Similar to Hunterji, Mantle and Sumotron (and unlike other Players), he responds to Naria's Continue by saying "Arigato, Naria" (Which is Japanese for "Thank You"; and prevously said by Hunterji).


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