This article is about a/an song in Gekisou Sentai Carranger.

"Samba Paradiso" is an alternate version of the Carranger ending, Tengoku Samba, that is accompanied with English lyrics.



Original English Lyrics

Big chief yell at us say, "Go, get 'em!
or all of you goin' miss dinner for tonite"
Give us a break, oh please for God's God's sake (Oh, please! Please?)
Look, we still are alive and poor creatures!

Let's enjoy partying dancing happy samba
Fight is over now it's a paradiso (Paradiso!)
You and me got beaten like a sandbag
But sooner paine is gone and smile, "Ho Ho Ho"

So let's keep on jamming so bad, samba
All you have to say is simple, "Love Love Love"
Good job! Bravo! How 'bout some samba?
But next week we goin' beat the CARRANGERS
Shall we beg you for a sweeter kick back, please? (Please?)
I wanna win and show it to my mom and kids

My next life after reincarnation
I never wanna play the role of boring heel again!
Appearing on the TV as a super hero
like every kids have my picture cards in hands (Ta-da!)

Let's enjoy partying dancing happy samba
It's gorgeous livin' in the paradiso (Paradiso!)
Now look at this charming step someone, samba!? (Samba!)
Hey, watch that ranger throwing me a kiss, kiss, kiss

ke-se-la-ce-la-ce-la-vie de bon samba! (Samba!)
Just take it eary Here we are in paradiso (Paradiso! Paradiso!)
CARRANGERS, we thank you, thank you so much
So, why don't we switch our parts in two seeks shift?
Let us buy you drink and lunch, how 'bout that?
I wanna play the hero, then I'll call my dad

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