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For the original TV version of this character, see Mr. Scott.
"You know, I don't think we're ever going to understand each other. Now you gotta come here every Saturday just to graduate with all these other weirdos and criminals."
―Sam Scott to his son[src]

Sam Scott is Jason Scott's father.


Before the movie, Sam, according to a deleted scene, commissioned a newspaper article to get Jason on his then football team, much to Jason's frustration, primarily because it is implied Sam did it without his son's consent. So even if Jason did legitimately enjoy being on the team afterwards, he was still indignant at the sentiment behind his father's actions, and that could possibly be the real reason behind his attempt at a prank early in the movie's actual events, which would make Sam indirectly responsible for his own son's foolish actions.

In either case, Sam was furious with the action in question resulting in Jason being arrested and losing any chance at a football scholarship as well as being kicked off the football team. He had to drive Jason to Saturday school for his entire senior year as a result of Jason's punishment.

Later, when Rita attacked Angel Grove to find the Zeo Crystal, he called Jason only to find no answer. His truck was crashed and he was rescued by Jason, who was in his Red Ranger armor at the time, despite his anger at Sam for his seeming inability to understand him. Sam is later seen pinning an article of the Red Ranger in his wall that lists Jason's accomplishments, meaning/implying he figured out Jason was the Red Ranger.



  • Sam can be considered quite similar to Mr. Collins, as they're both (somewhat antagonistic) fathers of a Red Ranger, and did things their sons do/did not approve of, for the sake of controlling their future, but later saw the error of their ways, and were saved by their respective sons at some point.


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