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The Saliguana's original form

"Ah ha ha! Thanks for the snack!"
―The Saliguana's first words upon being created.[src]

"Urrrrgh! You'll pay for that!"
―The Saliguana after Zack extinguished his fire breath.[src]

"Oh no!"
―The Saliguana's reaction to the Power Blaster and his final words before his initial defeat.[src]

"Ha ha ha ha ha! Boorgh! Ha ha ha ha ha! Now your precious Angel Grove will be history!"
―The Saliguana after being enlarged.[src]

"You think that puny sword will get me?! Try again, Power Brats!"
―The Saliguana reacting to the Thunder Megazord powering up its Thunder Saber and his final words before his death.[src]

"Baba cheneight, baba cheebo. Gonna make a Ranger, Ranger stew! Baba chebee, baba cheeboo. Time has come for the Ranger stew!"
― The Saliguana’s first words upon being recreated when taunting the Power Rangers in the Specter Theater with the rest of the monster army.[src]

"Yeah! Time to say so long!"
―The Saliguana after blasting the Thunder Megazord and White Tigerzord with his fire breath as well as his final words before his death.[src]

Saliguana was an iguana/salamander monster who served as the main antagonist of the episode "Putty on the Brain."


Saliguana is created by Lord Zedd from Miss Appleby's iguana as part of a plan to destroy the Power Rangers. The plan is for Saliguana to attack the Rangers whilst the Rangers are in fighting since Zedd has enchanted Zack and Billy to see their friends as Putties. He is created shortly after Bulk and Skull fed him and terrorizes them to the point that they flee before he teleportes away. Zedd later sends him to Angel Grove Beach which he attacks to lure out the Rangers where he summons some Z-Putties to aid him. The monster proves to have an amazingly powerful fire breath capable of wiping all five Rangers but, because of his iguana half, Saliguana is cold-blooded and therefore his powers can be weakened by cooler temperatures. Zack and Billy have to fight him alone in the quarry whilst the others fight off the Putty Patrol, Zack managing to knock him down with a spiral kick to the stomach. The monster then recovers and tries to take on Zack only to get gut punched and kicked through the air. Zack and Billy regroup, the former calling him nothing which prompts Saliguana to blast them with his fire. However, they just roll away from it and Zack produces an ice extinguisher. Saliguana decides to barbecue him only for the Ice Device to fail due to a missing computer chip and the two to get blasted off of their feet. Billy then tries to defend Zack but is absolutely no match and grabs Billy around the neck only for Zack to spiral kick him to the ground. With a brief moment of respite, Billy realizes the flaw with the design and luckily has brought a spare microchip after prompts from Trini. The added microchip gets the Ice Device working and Zack finally extinguishes his flame breath mid-stream. With the monster helpless but angry, the Rangers regroup only for the monster to charge enraged so they form the Power Blaster. Saliguana is afraid but they fired anyway which easily defeats him.

However, Saliguana is not destroyed and only knocked on his face which allows Zedd to make him grow with a Growth Bomb. The monster plans to rip Angel Grove to pieces so the Rangers call for the Thunderzords and confront him with the Red Dragon Thunderzord in Warrior Mode. Saliguana then tries to fry it with his fire breath but only knocks it back to his utter shock. The Rangers then form the Thunderzord Assault Team which the Red Dragon Thunderzord leaps into and Saliguana tries to incinerate but it just barrel rolls through the blasts. With the monster still stunned and getting gradually angrier, the Rangers form the Thunder Megazord. The monster then wraps it up with his tongue in an apparent attempt to eat it but the Rangers cut his tongue apart with the Thunder Saber. It turns out that the tongue was so tight that the monster is knocked to the ground which gives the Rangers the chance to energize the finishing move. Saliguana is apparently unafraid, claiming that it'd take more than this attack to finish him but a single energy slash finishes him off. Saliguana stumbles around whilst erupting with red lightning before falling on his face and exploding. Because Zedd's magic is lifted by the monster's explosion, Saliguana reverts back to being Miss Appleby's iguana who Bulk and Skull attempt to use to track down the Rangers in a failed attempt (although it does clear out everyone but the Power Rangers, Bulk and Skull, and Miss Appleby). Tvicon.png TV STORY-Putty on the Brain

Trumpet Top summons an illusionary Saliguana to wear out the Power Rangers enough that Lord Zedd will easily be able to destroy them. After Zack and Billy are beaten down by the Mantis, Kimberly and Trini take on Saliguana and swing at him but he blocks their fists and jump kicks both down. Due to not really being there, Saliguana alongside the Grumble Bee, Fighting Flea, the Soccadillo, the Rhinoblaster, the Mantis, the Stag Beetle and the Slippery Shark manage to "beat them" until they are worn out completely. However, Zordon sees through the plan, making the illusionary monsters cease to exist. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Orchestral Maneuvers in the Park

After Rita returns from her exile and brainwashes Lord Zedd with a love potion during his annual centenary sleep, Finster brainwashes Alpha 5 who tricks the Power Rangers into entering the Specter Theater. They are then confronted by an army of monsters including the Saliguana and corners them with the Soccadillo after the Invenusable Flytrap scares them to the ground floor. Soon surrounded, our heroes realize that the Theater (which is a nexus of some sort) prevents them from summoning their Power Weapons. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Wedding-part I

The Saliguana stands around taunting the Power Rangers in a mocking chant with his fellow monsters before they decide to go on the unarmed offensive. Whilst Tommy tackles the Soccadillo, Billy and Adam roll whilst the Dramole and Saliguana advance on them.  Adam blocks a Saliguana swing and punches him to no effect. Ducking a swing, Adam kicks but the Saliguana blocks it and punches him flat on his face. Whilst Kimberly fights the Invenusable Flytrap, the Saliguana taunts Adam who asks if he should be under a rock before punching him to the ground where Rocky joins up with him.  With the monsters distracted by an argument over what to do with their captives, the hopelessly outnumbered and underpowered Rangers go into hiding within the Specter Theater so the monsters follow to relocate them.  Despite the monster army’s best efforts, the Power Rangers manage to escape the Specter Theater but the Peckster and the Rhinoblaster are soon able to defeat them and return the six to the Theater. The Saliguana then attends Rita and Zedd’s wedding whilst the Peckster and the Rhinoblaster stand guard over the Rangers, Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Wedding-part II

The Saliguana is present when Rita and Zedd tie the knot and orders a large canteen of punch during the afterparty. The Saliguana later sees Rita and Zedd leave on their honeymoon in Serpentera to destroy the Earth. Shortly thereafter however, Goldar discovers that the Power Rangers have outsmarted the immensely dense Peckster and the Rhinoblaster and have escaped. Goldar reports this to his master who orders him to send the entire monster army to Earth to cut them off. Goldar sends the entire monster army along with Putties to Earth where the Saliguana and the Invenusable Flytrap cut them off but they manage to get clear enough to teleport away. As such, Lord Zedd throws his Growth Bombs to enlarge the monster army (sans the Snizzard and Invenusable Flytrap who are both inexplicably missing) in order to force the Rangers into a Zord fight where the monster army can annihilate them. After the Rangers free Alpha from his brainwashing and reestablish contact with Zordon, they go and summon the Thunderzords to form the Thunder Megazord and White Tigerzord. The Saliguana is the fifth to attack; blasting the White Tigerzord with his fire breath but it is unfazed and kicks him down anyway. The Saliguana is then put out of the fight and becomes the fifth monster destroyed; being struck by the Thunder Saber which makes him stumble around before faceplanting and exploding. This is the last time we ever see the Saliguana. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Wedding-part III


Saliguana was a cunning, arrogant, and tricky monster who was also very proud of his species although he was also faithful to Rita and Zedd.

Powers and Abilities


  • Flame Breath: Saliguana's signature ability where he breathes extremely hot orange flames from his gullet. This attack took down all six Rangers in one blast and could only be countered by Zack's Ice Device.
  • Skilled Fighter: Saliguana easily overwhelmed the six Rangers with little trouble.
  • Tongue Extension: Saliguana can fire his tongue forth like a whip as a way of attacking his enemies. He could also tie up his enemies with it as shown when he did this to the Thunder Megazord.


  • Strength: Saliguana could send the Rangers flying with single slashes of his claws and send Adam flying into some cordons with a single punch,
  • Hand to Hand Combat: The Saliguana easily matched and defeated Billy in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Durability: Being assaulted by the Power Blaster made Saliguana fall down but did not destroy him.


  • Low Temperatures: Being a lizard-type monster, Saliguana could be easily defeated by hitting him with cold air which rendered his fire breath useless.


  • Claws: Saliguana had razor sharp claws that he can use in combat.

Behind the Scenes


  • In his first two appearances, Saliguana was voiced by John C. Hyke in his first role in the franchise. During "The Wedding," he was voiced by the late Bob Papenbrook.


  • He is based on a salamander and iguana.


  • His name is a portmanteau of "salamander" and "iguana".


  • Saliguana came from what is commonly referred to as Zyu2 footage and was not seen in the original Zyuranger.
    • Saliguana was intended to be destroyed by the original Megazord's Power Sword and the remnants of this can be seen in both of his Zord fights, since the red energy slash associated with the original Megazord's finishing move hits him instead of the Thunder Saber's yellow energy slices.
  • Saliguana did not fight Tommy in his episode because he was not featured in the Zyu2 episode. In-universe, the reason given was that he needed to recharge due to his limited powers and the fight never got so rough that his assistance was required.
  • Part of Saliguana's costume was later modified for the alien Tritor in the Power Rangers Zeo episode "King for a Day".