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Sakura (さくら Sakura): An alien from planet Merle (メルル星 Meruru-sei). The people of Merle were creatures similar to those known on Earth as "angels"; they possessed powers to soothe and pacify all around them, man and beast. Seeing their threat immediately, Star King Bazoo annihilated their planet first in his conquest of the universe, but the people of Merle set up a doll to send forth the offspring of their civilization throughout the universe, with Sakura ending up on Earth.

Shou encounters Sakura for the first time as she takes care of children at her ordinary job as a day-care worker. When Shou tries to flirt with her with a flower, she uses her powers to make it bloom greater. However when she is attacked by the Hidrer Soldiers and Booba, she uses her strange powers to pacify all the fighting around her. Fearing her power being used against his warriors, Bazoo sends down Gaubar, a Space Beast specifically utilized to prevent her emotional manipulation from affecting his minions, but the Changeman protect her. As she slowly discovers the truth, the full extent of her powers become exhibited to the point of stopping an entire battle between the Changeman and Gozma with merely the sound of her voice and the look in her eye. After the heroes defeat Gaubar, Sakura decides to leave Earth within the Merlian Doll left to watch over her and reawaken her powers to find others from her homeworld throughout the universe, believing the Changeman were enough to protect the planet of her adopted home.

By miracle, Sakura reappears with the Memory Doll as the Changeman and Shuttle Base become lost in space while in pursuit of Star King Bazoo. With her assistance, the team is finally able to return to near-Earth, where Bazoo was located within the tail of Halley's Comet. The doll ends up becoming sacrificed to deal a massive blow to the leader, as Bazoo finally goes down forever by a combined effort of allies. In the end, Sakura joins the other aliens in leaving Earth on Shuttle Base in order to find and rebuilt whatever Bazoo had left behind in his universal conquests.Ep. 55: Farewell, Friends of Space!

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