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Sakkalar is Vader Monster "47" of the Vader Clan.

Character History

Sakkalar is chosen by Queen Hedrian and the Vader forces to begin the final battle between the Vader Clan and humanity, given command of an army of Dustlers to attack humanity at their order. When the Denziman appear to defeat him initially, he is given another chance to use himself to help distribute a deadly Vader Gas that, when breathed, kills every lifeform who partakes in it. However, Sakkalar secretly ends up making a deal with Demon King Banriki to assist him in his own plans to take over Vader Castle and take over the clan; the gas he distributes against Denziman and the children turns out to be normal smoke while the actual gas is used in its body to attack Hedrian and the Vader forces to allow for Banriki's takeover! After this disaster, Hedrian uses her magic (using Mirror as a crystal ball) to create two more Vader Monsters, Kendamalar and Karakurilar, that help free the Vader forces and force out Sakkalar into a final showdown. With three giants facing each other, Sakkalar is weakened by Karakurilar before Kendamalar ultimately destroys it.


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His main ability is to use his body to change into a soccer ball to attack others and use bombs that look like soccer balls. He also can emit knockout gas from his body, use a falcata, and change his size.

Behind the Scenes


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  • "Sakka" - "Soccer"
  • Sakkalar was the third and final Vader monster to never fever DaiDenzin the first being Jukular and the second being Rousokular


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