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Saint Beast Lakia is a two-hundred thousand year old Saint Beast in alliance with the humans and fairies.

Character History

Known as the guardian of the fairies, Lakia fought alongside the alliance of humans and fairies against the Boma 20,000 years ago. Using its power, it helped defeat the Boma and assisted in their sealing prior to using his massive power to personally seal away Boma Castle and with it the leader of the Boma forces, Great Boma Emperor Lagorn. He rested within the ruins of the battlefield, within a desert where he was disguised as a statue with beams fired up into the sky sealing the Boma headquarters.

However due to the reduction in fairy magic in association with humanities lack of belief in fairies and their environmental destruction, the seals set up by the fairy tribes began to weaken and the Boma began to re-emerge. Due to the weakening seals and the massive length of time Lakia spent protecting the Boma Castle, the Saint Beast itself was tired and weakened, making itself open to attack from the allied Boma forces. Despite its best efforts, Lakia is defeated and Boma Castle and Lagorn become unsealed and begin their battle against Earth once again. However seeing the action of the Turborangers in fighting the Boma with the assistance of the fairy Seelon, Lakia decides to take a rest, returning to the sky as a constellation where he can speak to the last fairy and the high school heroes as needed.Ep. 2: Did You Guys See a Fairy!?Ep. 3: Boma Castle! The 20,000-Year Curse


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Behind the Scenes

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