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USK-Kyutama 315

Saiko Kyutama

"What's Up? Saiko Kyutama! Super Seiza Change!"
―Transformation announcement via Seiza Blaster[src]

The Saiko Kyutama (サイコーキュータマ Saikō Kyūtama, lit. Best Kyutama) is a Kyutama that allows Shishi Red to become the white-colored Shishi Red Orion (シシレッドオリオン Shishi Reddo Orion), also known as the "Miracle Star" (ミラクルスター Mirakuru Sutā), gaining the ability to open portals for teleportation purposes. He can also summon any of the 12 Kyurangers' weapons as well as the giant Kyutama from Kyurangers who are not available, like Ryu Commander's and Oushi Black's, in order to form Kyutamajin. By pressing this Kyutama's top button before spinning its ring-like disc, he can perform the Infinish Blast (インフィニッシュブラスト Infinisshu Burasuto) finisher. This Kyutama was created when Lucky fought alongside his ancestor, Orion.



Shishi Red Orion

"Miracle Star! Shishi Red Orion"
―Shishi Red Orion's roll call[src]
  • Shishi Red (Kyuranger Episodes 30-37, 39-48, Kyuranger vs. Space Squad, Lupinranger VS Patranger VS Kyuranger)


  1. Kyu Sword (Kyuranger Episode)
  2. Kyu Spear (Kyuranger Episode)
  3. Kyu Claw (Kyuranger Episode)
  4. Kyu Crossbow (Kyuranger Episode)
  5. Kyu Axe (Kyuranger Episode)
  6. Kyu Sickle (Kyuranger Episode)
  7. Kyu Rapier (Kyuranger Episode)
  8. Kyu Shot (Kyuranger Episode)
  9. Kyu Slasher (Kyuranger Episode)
  10. Ryutsueder (Kyuranger Episode)
  11. Koguma Skyblue's scarf (Kyuranger Episode)
  12. Houou Blade & Houou Shield (Kyuranger Episode)


Facing Space Ninja DemostIcon-crosswiki of the GenmakuuIcon-crosswiki, Lucky transformed into Shishi Red Orion. After fighting through Demost's summoned Rinshi, Nanashi Company, Gormin Sailors and Buglars, Lucky joined Houou Soldier against one of Demost's duplicates. Ultimately, Lucky and Tsurugi defeated the fake Demost with the Infinish Blast and Phoenix End respectively. Uchu Sentai Kyuranger vs. Space Squad


  • Infinish Blast (インフィニッシュブラスト Infinisshu Burasuto):
    • Shishi Red channels the power of all twelve Change Kyutamas and delivers a powerful energy blast at the enemy.
    • Shishi Red channels the power of all twelve Change Kyutamas and delivers a powerful energy slash with the Kyu Sword at the enemy. Uchu Sentai Kyuranger vs. Space Squad
  • Super Star Shishi Galaxy

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