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Sagitarri Ark

The Sagittari Ark is the main base for the Deathgalien. It is a space ship that hangs over Earth where the Deathgaliens plan on attacking. It's shaped similar to a bow and arrow. The primary interior room has a throne where Ginis sits, and a viewing panel where he and his generals can observe the Players' attacks on Earth. The center of the room has a transporter that can be used to teleport down to Earth. It apparently provides some source of power to Ginis, preventing Quval from attacking him as long as he remained on the ship.

After the destruction of Quval and Azald, the Blood Game looked like it was going to end in a draw (since all the team leaders were dead) but Ginis was unwilling to allow Earth to walk away and instead planned his own final game for the planet. This involved the Sagittari Ark shooting the arrow which resided in the centre of the structure onto the Earth, then transferring energy to it allowing the arrow to dig through the planet and crack it to pieces. The Zyuohgers were able to use the energy transfer conduit to pull the attached Sagitarri Ark down onto the planet where it crashed and was destroyed. Ep. 47: The Last Game



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