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Saden (サデン) was the sixth general of the Warfare Tribe Druidon in Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger. After Eras was sealed by the Ryusoul Calibur, Saden and Pricious infiltrated the Sky Temple, but the former met his demise swiftly at the hands of Master Black, who then took the general's armor and identity.

Character History

Origin & Demise

Saden was created along with the other Druidon generals by Eras 65 million years ago. Ep. 43: Mother of the Druidon During that time, Saden and the Druidon Tribe went to war with the Ryusoul Tribe for dominance over the Earth. Ep. 1: Que Boom!! Ryusoulger

Ep. 45: Get Your Heart Back!


In contrast to Uden, Saden is more talkative, a sharp strategist, and devotes complete loyalty to Pricious.

Powers and Abilities

  • Sword Proficiency: Like Uden, Saden is extremely skilled with his ninjatō.
  • Enhanced Speed: To assist with his stealth, Saden possess augmented speed, allowing to appear from place to place instantly.
    • Stealth: Like Uden, Saden possesses extensive knowledge and skill in stealth tactics, enabling him to appear and disappear without notice.
  • Energy Bolts: Saden can generate green energy bolts from his fists and launch them at his opponents.
    • Energy Slash: Saden can also channel his energy bolts through his ninjatō as energy slashes.
  • Portal Creation: Saden can create a chessboard-based laser portal to teleport himself from one place to another.


  • Ninjatō (忍者刀): Like Uden, Saden wielded a ninjatō-style sword in combat.


  • Height: 189 cm
  • Weight: 281 kg
  • Attribute: Bishop Class Executive
  • Place of Distribution: TBA
  • Classification: Druidon general
  • Experience Point: 310

Behind the Scenes



  • KSR-Uden


    Saden's suit is a complete repainted and minorly altered variant of Uden's, with mirrored parts and a slight inversion in colors.
  • Like Uden, Saden's motif is based on a bishop chess piece and a cannon.
  • The original Saden is the only Druidon general to be killed in the past, contrast to the other five fleeing into space before the meteor struck the earth 65 million years ago.



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