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Sachiko Hoshino (星野 サチ子 Hoshino Sachiko) is a performer at the Yano Circus; she is the adopted "little sister" of Daigoro Oume.

Character History

When she was younger, Sachiko was abandoned by her parents and living on her own when she was discovered by Daigoro. Taken in by the circus he performed in, the two made a pact to always be there for each other, typically with him sharing his anpan treats with her. She usually works and performs in the circus as a unicycle performer.

During a Vader Clan scheme where Rupankamelar was taking pictures of beautiful girls to be killed by Queen Hedrian, Sachiko is recruited by Daigoro to help them by having her photos taken by the Vader Monster in the disguise of a human photographer. However due to his worry for his "sister", Daigoro keeps active track of the scheme to make sure she is alright and that the Vader scheme is stopped for her own safety due to his love for her.Ep. 4: Vader Demon Castle Pursuit

Later, when Tokio, a wire walker for the circus, joins the Grim-Reaper Faction in order to make money faster, she and Daigoro pursue them to try and save him. When the Vader Clan discover the connection, they take Mimi, Sachiko's kitten, as a hostage to force her to work with Tokio to abduct a missile for the Vader forces. Ultimately the Denziman save both Tokio and Sachiko while taking down the Grim-Reaper Faction and their hidden leader, Rousokular, allowing them to return to the circus in peace.Ep. 21: Attack the Grim Reaper Faction!


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