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"We have only one demand. Summon V-Rex."
―Saboteur Mayden

Saboteur Mayden (破壊工作員・メイデン Hakai Kōsakuin Meiden, 37) is a designer of various robots, his most famous being the V-Rex itself. He was released by Gien, even though it was under Dolnero's order. Using it as an excuse to have fun, Mayden abducted Naoto and forced him to summon the V-Rex. From there, Mayden was able to take control of it by a voice-masking device, also created by him, to copy Naoto's voice. While TimeShadow battled the V-Rex, the male Timerangers dealt with Mayden, until Naoto managed to regain control of V-Rex and take back the V-Commander. Mayden was soon after brought in by a DV Refreezer Slash/Voltech Bazooka combo.



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