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Sabimushilar is Vader Monster "28" of the Vader Clan

Character History

Sabimushilar was not created in the traditional Vader Monster method: instead of being processed through their machine, he is injected in egg form by General Hedrer into Paul Izaki, a Japanese detective working in France with psychic powers, after he is hypnotised into attacking the Denziman regardless of having been revealed to be a descendant of the people of planet Denzi. As his friend Akagi tries to save Izaki, he spits out Sabimushilar from a cotton ball that he escapes from and uses his powers to both tie up Denziman with his webs and rust their machinery with his gold dust. DenziRed frees the team and they use DenziStick Boomerang to finish it off. After it grows, it uses its gold dust on Denzi Sword, but the Denziman clear it off before they defeat the Vader Monster with Electric Full-Moon Cut.


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His main abilities involve the creation of cottony webs from the mouth that constrict and hold down opponents, create bombs composed of these webs, and a special golden dust that rust any metals or mechanics they touch. He also has a claymore and can change his size.

Behind the Scenes


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  • Sabimushilar were designed by character designer Muneo Kubo.


  • Naming: "Sabi" - "Rust"; "Mushi" - "Insect"


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