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"Activate the Tigerzord."
―Saba’s first words after arriving with Tommy for the battle against Nimrod the Scarlet Sentinel.[src]

"Oh my. That didn’t go very well."
―Saba after the Scarlet Sentinels defeated the White Tigerzord.[src]

"White Ranger, I'm afraid I've failed you. I can see no way out of our present situation."
―Saba's final line when Tommy was cornered by Rito Revolto and Goldar.[src]

Saba is an enchanted short-sword wielded by Tommy Oliver as the Mighty Morphin White Ranger and served as his personal weapon.


Saba is constructed by Alpha and Zordon after Tommy’s previous personal weapon, the Dragon Dagger was vaporized with the Mighty Morphin Green Power Ranger powers. He is introduced to Tommy after his immunity to objects like the Green Candle due to him being made from the "powers of light" and Saba accompanies him to battle Nimrod the Scarlet Sentinel. They were forced to fight Nimrod alone as the other Thunderzords are still being repaired by Billy and Trini and the others are fighting the Putty Patrol who are trying to access Rita Repulsa's dumpster. After prompting from Saba, Tommy immediately summons the new White Tigerzord with the help of Saba although it initially lacks proper control due to Saba’s inexperience. After some bickering, they get their acts together and mount the Zord so Nimrod blasts it with her energy balls but the new Zord and its pilots are unfazed. The White Tigerzord overwhelms Nimrod with a roar before Tommy and Saba enter the cockpit and change it into Warrior Mode. Using it, they easily overwhelm Nimrod with three slashes and then sent her flying with a kick to the middle after Tommy orders Saba to make the Zord duplicate his moves. However, Nimrod summons AC and DC who overwhelm the Zord and eject both Tommy and Saba with the latter having to call Jason for back-up. Saba does so although not without some difficulty which allows the Red Dragon Thunderzord to team-up with Tommy and his partner and they form the Mega Tigerzord to finish the trio off. Tvicon.png TV STORY-White Light

After Tommy is forced to fight Pursehead alone whilst the others help Jason against the Lipsyncher, the monster uses magic dental floss to restrain Tommy and throw him all over the place. He calls upon Saba for help who manages to levitate and blast Pursehead clean off his feet using his eye blasts before freeing Tommy with more concentrated eye blasts. With Tommy free and Pursehead badly hurt, Tommy knocks him back multiple times and unleashes a kick so strong that the monster was unable to hold his form and reverted back to Kimberly's mother's purse. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Two for One

As the other Power Rangers fight Magnet Brain, Goldar comes down to Earth and forces Tommy to respond due to his proximity to the Angelettes. After defeating his Putty support, Tommy draws Saba and challenges Goldar to single combat who accepts but Tommy blocks two slashes with Saba and jumps over the third before kicking Goldar's sword away. They have a momentary stand-off before Goldar tries to take out Tommy's legs only for him to dive over it and block a bisecting hit from Goldar before shoving it away and forcing Goldar back with two kicks. Goldar comes back with three stabs and a slash but Tommy dodges them all before forcing an arm lock though he then breaks it. Goldar forces him to backpedal but he fights back and slashes him back with Saba and then further with a kick to the midriff. After Magnet Brain makes Jason and Zack's Blade Blasters misfire, Tommy leaps into the air and levitates forward whilst multi-kicking Goldar who swiftly goes flying to the ground. Goldar tries to go in for more but two Putties arrive and hold him back as he swears revenge in the future before he returns to the Moon Palace in disgrace. Tommy then congratulates Saba and they sit out the rest of the battle. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Opposites Attract

After the Thunder Megazord destroys Cardiatron, Tommy has Saba arm a White Tiger Thunderbolt which destroys the critically wounded Hatchasaurus with one hit. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Ninja Encounter

With all five of the other Rangers turned into giant pachinko balls by Zedd's Pachinko Head monster, Tommy has to confront the monster alone when he attacks the Angel Grove Amusement Park. Saba offers some encouragement and then helps Tommy form the White Tigerzord when Pachinko Head is grown but it is taken out completely with one attack which takes Tommy and Saba out of the battle completely from here on out. Fortunately, the Thunder Megazord is able to slay Pachinko Head and the Red Dragon survives the subsequent attack by Serpentera with help from Tor the Shuttlezord until a lack of power forces it to retreat. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Rocky Just Wants to Have Fun

Saba is stolen from Tommy by Goldar during an argument with Kimberly caused by a rivalry spell caused by Rita. Rita later comes back to Earth with Saba (the latter now gagged) and uses the White Tigerzord to fight and nearly destroy the Thunder Megazord. Fortunately, Tommy arrives just in time to retrieve Saba with a special magnet and force Rita and her minions to retreat or risk the Zords destroying them. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Best Man for the Job

During the third season of MMPR, Saba's role in the show diminishes significantly after the Tigerzord has been destroyed and he was now used by Tommy very rarely (with Saba only having two lines of dialogue throughout his remaining appearances).

An inanimate recreation of Saba is on display in the White Ranger's display case at the back of the Power Chamber. Tvicon.png TV STORY-A Zeo Beginning

By Power Rangers Turbo, the display cases are empty with the suits and Saba gone. Although presumed destroyed when Divatox destroys the Power Chamber, this turns out to be false. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Chase into Space

Eight years after Zeo, Saba is seen once again when Tommy fights three visions of his past Ranger forms whilst in a coma. Saba is seen wielded by the White Ranger once again and ceases to exist once the coma ends. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Fighting Spirit

Several years later following the creation of the Master Morpher and recreation of White Tiger Power Coin, Saba is also recreated and returns to being the primary weapon for the White Ranger with his personality intact.

Nine years after that, Saba assists Tommy in rescuing a child from a car that is about to fall off a bridge. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Legendary Battle

Five years after that, Tommy uses his Master Morpher to transform into the White Ranger and Saba appears again, being used to battle Tommy's Robo Ranger clone. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Dimensions in Danger

Powers and Abilities

  • Sentience: Saba is completely sentient and could hold entire conversations with Tommy.
  • Tigerzord Control: Saba could control the White Tigerzord and maintain influence over it just by being inserted into the console. This power became redundant when the Zord was destroyed by Rito and his monsters.
    • Remote Control: Saba was able to control the White Tigerzord even when nowhere near its cockpit. However, he only did this when stolen by Goldar for use by Rita.
  • Move Duplication: Saba could make the White Tigerzord operate so that any move performed by Tommy (kicks and punches) would be performed by the White Tigerzord as well.
  • Levitation: Saba is able to float into the air and suspend himself there at will.
  • Lightning Blasts: Saban is able to fire white lightning beams from his eyes strong enough to take down Pursehead and destroy his floss ropes.
  • White Tiger Thunderbolt Arming: Tommy told him to arm one to kill the Hatchasaurus when the Thunder Megazord destroyed Cardiatron.
  • Energy Empowerment: Tommy charged Saba up with white energy to slash a hole in a forcefield to free Shawna and Kimberly.
  • Lightning Empowerment: Tommy can charge Saba up with lightning capable of destroying almost the entirety of Zedd's fish army with one hit each (though the Goo Fish needed an additional kick to finish off).

Behind the Scenes


  • Saba was voiced by producer Tony Oliver who was also the namesake for Tommy.


  • Saba’s name was derived from Saban Entertainment, the people who made Power Rangers at the time.
    • Equally, another in-joke associated with Saba is that he was voiced by producer Tony Oliver who also served as the namesake for his wielder Tommy Oliver.


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