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"White Ranger, I'm afraid I've failed you. I can see no way out of our present situation."

Saba is an enchanted shortsword wielded by Tommy Oliver, the White Ranger. He had the ability to talk, project energy blasts from his eyes, and can fly. Saba also controlled the White Tigerzord, and inserting him into the control panel of the Zord allowed him to change into Warrior Mode. In this mode, Saba could take orders from Tommy, to include having the Zord emulate his movements. If stolen, however, Saba could be controlled by anyone (though against the sword's will), as Goldar forced him to fire on the Rangers, and Rita controlled the Tigerzord for a while.

During the third season of MMPR, Saba's role in the show diminished significantly (as the Tigerzord had been destroyed) and he was now used by Tommy very rarely (with Saba only having two lines of dialogue throughout his remaining appearances).

During Power Rangers Zeo, Saba could be seen in the White Ranger's display case at the back of the Power Chamber.

Years later, in Fighting Spirit, Saba was seen once again when Tommy fought three visions of his past Ranger forms, Saba was seen wielded by the White Ranger once again.

In the Super Megaforce season finale, Saba assisted Tommy in rescuing a child from a car that was about to fall off a bridge.

When Tommy reappeared in Super Ninja Steel and used his Master Morpher to transform into the White Ranger, Saba appeared again, being used to battle Tommy's Black Dino Ranger clone.


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