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The Search Guard Successor (S.G.S.) Foundation (サージェス財団 Sājesu Zaidan) is the organization that houses and collects hidden treasures that have suddenly begun to disappear or reappear all over the world. These treasures include relics from early civilizations, sunken ships, unexplored regions, and fossils of extinct animals, the priority among which are classified "Precious". The S.G.S. discovered these Precious and organized a secret team to defend them from those who wish to use the relics' powers.

SGS employs the Boukengers in their search for the "Precious". In this regard they have developed weapons systems and battle mecha called GoGo Vehicles to aid in their search. The GoGo Vehicles are docked under the main SGS facility.

The SGS facility also has a well-maintained museum open for visitors.



  • SGS is a play-on-word because if the vowels of the romanization of the word for "To search" (さが Sagasu), are removed, it leads to SGS.

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