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"Indeed, I am. This power should make it clear enough! SD Spark!"
―SD World's first words[src]

"Hey, what are you-"
―SD World's final words before his initial demise[src]

SD World (SDワルド Esu Dī Warudo, 44, lit. "Super-deformed" World) is an SD-themed World from the Kikaitopia Dynasty Tojitendo who was created from the SD Tojiru Gear that contained SDtopia, the world where Ricky Goldtsuiker and Cutanner Goldtsuiker got their SD forms. After his death, his Tojiru Gear lasted another life by reforming a New Kudaitest into Great SD World.


The SD World appeared at a takoyaki stand where the World Pirates manage to avoid his D Ball as it destroys the table. As Zocks asked about him, the SD World answered by demonstrating his SD Spark by turning the residents as well as Gaon and Vroon into SD-variant of themselves. With that, Zocks transformed into Super Twokaizer and started battling the SD World.

During the battle, the rest of the Zenkaiger showed up and joined the fight. Kaito tries to assist Zocks, but he shoved him out and SD World tries to hit Kaito, but he dodges and grabbed the D Ball only for the SD World to swing his D Ball causing the SD civilian as well as Vroon and Gaon flying to various places. With that, Magine and Juran got distracted which gives the SD World the opportunity to turn them into their SD form. Flint tries to help out in the fight, but a Kudaiter comes out behind her only for Zocks to save Flint and this gives the SD World to transform her into SD form only for Zocks to sacrifice his Geardalinger which shrank into a tiny size. Overwhelming in battle, they used the Dairanger Sentai Gear and use ShishiRanger's illusion powers to retreat.

Later, the SD World appears at a park as he was chasing more civilians until Zocks showed up now very determined to destroy the SD World. The battle was on as both Zocks and the SD World were fighting in a shallow pond and Zocks is being overwhelmed by SD World. To make matters worse, the SD World brought in more Kudakks as well as a pair of Kudaiters to overwhelm him but Kaito along with the SD teammates to assist the Zocks while the civilians and Yatsuda search for the other SD victims. With that, the team transformed and battled him. However, the SD World shrugs them to the side as he was about to change Zocks into an SD but was saved by Cutanner and Ricky. Flint made some "tiny" adjustments to Zocks's Geardalinger as he can finally transform and help the Zenkaigers out. During the fight, both Juran and Gaon manages to hack and slash the first Kudaiter, Vroon drilled a huge hole and Magine used her magic to summon a banana peel causing the second Kudaiter to slip and fall down the hole to the point of its destruction. Zocks changes to his Ohren form as he delivers some beatings towards the SD World. He tries to retaliate by using his SD Spark, but Cutanner blocks the shot instead. After that, the SD World is then destroyed by Twokaizer's Chouriki Star Knuckle, thus reverse the spell.


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The original form of the World.


When the Kudakk was installed with a Tojiru Gear, it briefly transformed into a Kudaiter before becoming a World.

―Transformation announcement[src]

SD World

  • World: SDtopia (SDトピア)
  • Noted Product: SD Humans

By using the SD Tojiru Gear, he changes into SD World (SDワルド Esu Dī Warudo).

Powers and Abilities


  • World Creation: Upon the creation of a World, SD World can alter the surrounding area to his own image.


  • SD Spark (SDスパーク SD Supāku): SD World has the ability to alter one's form into a robotic SD form (which works on both humans and Kikainoids) by shooting a beam from his head. Additionally, he can affect weapons, as he managed to shrink the Geardalinger to such an extent that it was rendered practically useless. The only downside is that the beam has no effect on those who are already in SD form, such as Ricky and Cutanner Goldtsuiker.


  • D Ball (Dボール D Bōru): SD World is armed with a flail in combat.

Behind the Scenes



  • SD World reuses Dried Persimmon World's bodysuit.
  • The design of SD World's head resembles DaiDenzin, while his D Ball is based on said mecha's Denzin Ball.


  • "SD" is an abbreviation of "Super Deformed", a design genre of which is very popular in Japan.




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