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"I couldn't! You would've kicked me out of S.P.D. if you knew!"

Series One Processor Hyper Intelligent Encryptor, or simply known as Sophie, is a computer programmer and cyborg.


She enrolled at S.P.D. to use her skills for good, hiding her cyborg origins (as cyborgs are highly prejudiced against). When the Rangers discovered Sophie's secret, she was expelled from the academy, and pursued by Valko. Although she had enhanced agility and martial arts ability, Valko was able to capture her and take her to his base in the woods outside Newtech City, endeavoring to synchronize her with the giant robot Goradon that he had freed from below Earth's surface. She was hooked up to his console and tortured.

Meanwhile, Commander Cruger goes out to inspect the D-Squad cadets and notes that Sophie is not among them when the Rangers tell him they expelled her. Cruger then orders the team to locate her and bring her back. They get a lead from Piggy, realizing that they had unwittingly given Valko the supercomputer he needed, and head for Valko's base, where they fight off a platoon of Krybots. Valko retreats and is met by Cruger responding to Sophie's hypersonic scream. After a brief battle, the Shadow Ranger contains Valko for the kidnapping of Sophie.

Following her rescue by Cruger, Sophie returned to S.P.D. and helped activate the Delta Command Megazord. Realizing that she meant no harm, and what an asset she could be to S.P.D., she was given a job as a programmer at the Theta Quadrant.


  • Superhuman Agility and Martial Arts Mastery: Sophie easily took down a cadre of simulated Krybots where her squadmates folded under pressure, impressing her trainers on B-Squad. She also used built-in running and jumping subroutines to elude Valko for a short time.
  • Technopathy and Mechanical Knowledge: Sophie could instantaneously troubleshoot machinery within Delta Base, as demonstrated repairing replicators in B-Squad's quarters. She further expressed an ability to connect with machines on an emotional level.
  • Hypersonic Scream: Sophie can dynamically adjust her voice to emit a shrill scream over distance.
  • High-Speed Coding: Sophie is able to process and enter thousands of lines of complex code in mere seconds, which allowed S.P.D. to activate each mode of the D.B.D.S. as needed.
  • Bidirectional Fiber Optic Link Port: Located just above Sophie's right elbow is a data port that was used to interface with the Command Center of Delta Base to upload D.B.D.S. Phase 2 code.


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Behind the Scenes[]



  • As fits her name, as well as her full designation, Sophie is a variation of Sophia, a name originating from Ancient Greek long associated with wisdom.
  • In an interview with Matt Austin, he was asked who would be on his team after he became the Red Ranger. He stated that he considers that after Bridge was promoted to Red Ranger, S.O.P.H.I.E became the Blue Ranger.[1] This has since been proven to be false, as Lina Song becomes the Blue Ranger when Bridge gets promoted.
  • Cyborg is not the right term for S.O.P.H.I.E.; cyborgs are typically organic with added machinery. Android or gynoid (the latter meaning "resembling a woman") would be more accurate terms.


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