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Ryusoul Gattai Kishiryuzin (竜装合体キシリュウジン Ryūsō Gattai Kishiryūjin) is the movie-exclusive mecha in Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger.[1]


Kishiryuzin is the combined mecha form of Kishiryu Dinomigo and the dual Cobrago. It consists of Kishiryu Dinomigo's default mecha formation (like Tyramigo), both Cobrago form the shoulder armor and dual swords, and the ByuByuSoul as the head. Like KishiRyuOh and KishiRyuNeptune, Kishiryuzin is fast and agile, but more skilled in swordsmanship and exceptionally strong, due to holding its own against both Tankjoh and Gachireus at the same time. It wields the dual Knight ByuByu Sword (ナイトビュービューソード Naito Byūbyū Sōdo), and the Cobrago Heads (コブラーゴヘッド Koburāgo Heddo) on its shoulders. It can perform the Flame Beams (フレイムビーム Fureimu Bīmu) fire-based energy shot from the Cobrago Heads.


The mecha was piloted by Valma, the first user of the Gaisoulg armor during a battle against Druidon generals Tankjoh and Gachireus, holding it's own until the generals retreated following the arrival of a meteor.

4 time displaced modern era Ryusoul Tribesmen would later reawaken Kishiryuzin to destroy the meteor while Valma was occupied with their leader. They succeeded, and escaped to their own time through a wormhole just before the mecha crumbled to dust.


Kishiryu Dinomigo

Kishiryu Dinomigo[2] (騎士竜ディノミーゴ Kishiryū Dinomīgo) is an independent Kishiryu in Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger. Dinomigo is a giant Kishiryu built on the basis of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, like Kishiryu Tyramigo. Dinomigo is armed with two cannons resembling Tyramigo's Knight Cannons (ナイトキャノン Naito Kyanon) on its shoulders, its tail and its own massive jaws. It forms the full body, save for the head, of Kishiryuzin.

Kishiryu Cobrago

Kishiryu Cobrago[3] (騎士竜コブラーゴ Kishiryū Koburāgo) are a pair of auxiliary Kishiryu. They both wield the Knight ByuByu Swords and the Cobrago Heads. They are based on cobras with a dragon and castle tower motif. They form the shoulder pads of Kishiryuzin and grant it the Knight ByuByu Swords. Yuno wears a small version of one corded around her neck.




ByuByuSoul (Knight Mode)

"An Ancient War God! Dinomigo! (太古の戦神!ディノミーゴ! Taiko no Ikusagami! Dinomīgo!)"
―Insertion announcement in the Ryusoul Calibur[src]

The ByuByuSoul[1] (ビュービューソウル ByūByūSōru, lit. Howling Soul) is the personal RyuSoul for Dinomigo.   


  • Like Kishiryu Tyramigo, Dinomigo's name is a mix of "dinosaur" and "amigo," which means "friend" in both Spanish and Portuguese. 
  • Cobrago's name is a mix of "cobra" and "go" for gold.
  • Dinomigo is a remold and repaint of Tyramigo with the two drills and mini-guns omitted from Tyramigo.
  • Dinomigo is based on a Tyrannosaurus.



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