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*[[File:Icon-ryusoger.png|25px]] ''[[Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger]]''
*[[File:Icon-ryusoger.png|25px]] ''[[Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger]]''
**[[Ep. 38: Temple of the Sky]]
**''[[Ep. 38: Temple of the Sky]]''
**[[Ep. 39: Stolen Holy Night]]
**''[[Ep. 39: Stolen Holy Night]]''
**[[Ep. 40: Nightmare in the Fog]]
**''[[Ep. 40: Nightmare in the Fog]]''

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This article is about a/an Changer/sidearm in Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger.
"Unleash the souls! Ryusoul Calibur!"
―Transformation call[src]

The Ryusoul Calibur (リュウソウカリバー Ryūsou Karibā) is a sword-like weapon that transforms a Ryusoulger into Noblesse Mode, with revised armor and a cape. It is a retool of the Ryusoul Ken, and as such retains similar, if not entirely the same, functions of the Ryusoul Ken.


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To transform into Noblesse Mode, a Ryusoulger summons the Ryusoul Calibur to them, then opens the "mouth" and "chomps" once to initiate the transformation.

Special Attack

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Finishing Strike

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List of attacks:[1][2]

  • Transformation:
    • Ryusoulgers: Extreme Dino Slash (エクストレムディノスラッシュ Ekustorīmu Dino Surasshu): By inserting their spare RyuSoul in the Ryusoul Calibur, Noblesse mode users gather their Kishiryu partner's full power and executes an extremely powerful rainbow energy slash, that takes the form of the Kishiryu's head, with the Ryusoul Calibur.
    • Gaisoulg: Ancient Gaisoul Edge (エンシェントガイソーエッジ Enshento Gaisō Ejji)
  • Auxiliary:
    • TsuyoSoul: Ora-ora Dino Slash (オラオラディノスラッシュ Oraora Dino Surasshu, lit. "Roar Dino Slash")
    • NobiSoul: Biron Dino Slash (びろ〜んディノスラッシュ Birōn Dino Surasshu, lit. "Stretch Dino Slash")
    • OmoSoul: Don Dino Slash (どーんっディノスラッシュ Dōn Dino Surasshu, lit. "Bam Dino Slash")
    • HayaSoul: Byun Dino Slash (ビューンディノスラッシュ Byūn Dino Surasshu, lit. "Zoom Dino Slash")
    • KataSoul: Kachin Dino Slash (カチーンディノスラッシュ Kachīn Dino Surasshu, lit. "Clang Dino Slash")
    • KikeSoul: Kin Dino Slash (キーンディノスラッシュ Kīn Dino Surasshu, lit. "Bleep Dino Slash")
    • KusaSoul: Mowa-mowa Dino Slash (モワモワディノスラッシュ Mowamowa Dino Surasshu)
    • MieSoul: SukeSuke Dino Slash (スケスケーディノスラッシュ SukeSukē Dino Surasshu)
    • MukimukiSoul: Mukimuki Dino Slash (ムキムキディノスラッシュ Mukimuki Dino Surasshu)
    • ChiisaSoul: MiniMini Dino Slash (ミニミニッディノスラッシュ MiniMini Dino Surasshu)
    • MabushiSoul: Pikkarin Dino Slash (ピッカリンディノスラッシュ Pikkarin Dino Surasshu)
    • MistSoul: Urou Dino Slash (うるおうーディノスラッシュ Uruoū Dino Surasshu)
    • KaruSoul: Fuwafuwa Dino Slash (フワフワーーディノスラッシュ Fuwafuwā̄ Dino Surasshu)
    • GyakuSoul: Kururinpa Dino Slash (くるりんぱディノスラッシュ Kururinpa Dino Surasshu)
    • KotaeSoul: PeraPera Dino Slash (ペラペーラディノスラッシュ PeraPēra Dino Surasshu)
    • MigakeSoul: TsuruTsuru Dino Slash (つるつるーっディノスラッシュ TsuruTsurū Dino Surasshu)
    • KunkunSoul: Kunkun Dino Slash (クンクンーディノスラッシュ Kunkun̄ Dino Surasshu)
    • PukupukuSoul: MukkuMuku Dino Slash (ムックムクーディノスラッシュ Mukkumukū Dino Surasshu)
    • KakureSoul: Doron Dino Slash (どろんディノスラッシュ Doron Dino Surasshu, lit. "Poof Dino Slash")
    • FueSoul: Po-pon Dino Slash (ポポンディノスラッシュ Popon Dino Surasshu)
    • MawariSoul: Gyuin Dino Slash (ギュイーンディノスラッシュ Gyuīn Dino Surasshu)
    • NemuSoul: Munya-munya Dino Slash (むにゃむにゃディノスラッシュ Munyamunya Dino Surasshu)
    • KawakiSoul: Kappi-kapi Dino Slash (カッピカピディノスラッシュ Kappikapi Dino Surasshu)
    • YawarakaSoul: Sursuru Dino Slash (スルスルッディノスラッシュ Surusuru~tsu Dino Surasshu)
  • KyoRyuSouls:
    • Ultimate Dino Slash (アルティメットディノスラッシュ Arutimetto Dino Surasshu): By inserting a KyoRyuSoul in the Ryusoul Calibur, the Noblesse user gathers the Kishiryu's full power and executes an extremely powerful slash in the corrosponding element, that takes the form of the Kishiryu's head, with the Ryusoul Calibur.
  • Miscellaneous Souls:
    • Super Dino Slash (スーパーディノスラッシュ Sūpā Dino Surasshu)
    • Ryusoul Dino Slash (リュウソウディノスラッシュ Ryūsō Dino Surasshu)




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