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"Lightning Formation! Victory Mars!"
―GoRed announcing humanoid formation[src]

Victory Mars (ビクトリーマーズ Bikutorī Māzu) is the GoGoFive's third mecha, which transforms from the Beetle Mars with the command "Lightning Formation!" (ライトニングフォーメーション! Raitoningu Fōmēshon!).    

Appearances: GoGoFive Episodes 30-32, 34, 36-39, 41, 43, 45, 49, 50, Kyukyu Sentai GoGoFive vs. Gingaman  

Stats and Attacks

Victory Mars is armed with a spear called the Jet Lance (ジェットランス Jetto Ransu) which is tipped with a jet-shaped blade called the Top Jet (トップジェット Toppu Jetto) that Victory Mars fires like a missile at Giant Psyma Beasts. After firing the Top Jet, Victory Mars then uses the Jet Lance's secondary blade to perform its Mars Flare (マーズフレア Māzu Furea) double slash finisher .  

In Episode 39, Victory Mars was able to equip Victory Robo's Braver Sword which it used in its Mars Prominence (Mazu Purominensu) attack.

Victory Mars was severely damaged when it fought against the Grand Witch Grandiene-possessed Dark King Zylpheeza and Salamandes Dragon and was ultimately rendered inoperable.

Mars Machines

The Mars Machines (マーズマシン Māzu Mashin) are a quintet of five spacecraft designed for deep space rescue missions. Summoned by the command "Mars Machines, launch!", like the 99Machines before them, the Mars Machines are carried into battle by the GoLiner or into space by Space GoLiner.

Unlike the other Mecha, the Mars Machines have different technology that allows them to function without the aid of solar energy which makes them the only mecha able to battle efficiently when Dragon Dark King Salamandes creates the Saima Zone.  When the V-Mode Braces are inserted into their consoles and the command  "4-5-6, V! Meteor Fusion!" (流星合体 Ryūsei Gattai) is typed into them, the Mars Machines combine into Beetle Mars, which then transforms into Victory Mars.

Red Mars 1

Blue Glass Arrow.png See also: OmegaZord 1

Red Mars 1 (レッドマーズ1 Reddo Māzu Wan) is the Mars Machine piloted by GoRed. Red Mars 1 is armed with missiles for obstacle destruction.

During the combination, Red Mars 1 forms Beetle Mars' head/cockpit and abdomen and Victory Mars' head and body.

Blue Mars 2

Blue Glass Arrow.png See also: OmegaZord 2

Blue Mars 2 (ブルーマーズ2, Burū Māzu Tsū) is the Mars Machine piloted by GoBlue. Blue Mars 2 is equippd with adhesive bullets used to plug hull breaches in damaged spacecraft.

During the combination, Blue Mars 2 splits in half to form Beetle Mars' rear legs, which then forms Victory Mars' arms.

Green Mars 3

Blue Glass Arrow.png See also: OmegaZord 3

Green Mars 3 (グリーンマーズ3 Gurīn Māzu Surī) is the Mars Machine piloted by GoGreen. Green Mars 3 is the most maneuverable of the Mars Machines.

During the combination, Green Mars 3 forms Beetle Mars' thorax, which then forms Victory Mars' abdomen.

Yellow Mars 4

Blue Glass Arrow.png See also: OmegaZord 4

Yellow Mars 4 (イエローマーズ4 Ierō Māzu Fō) is the Mars Machine piloted by GoYellow. Yellow Mars 4 is the most heavily armored of the Mars Machines and is equipped with a retractable manipulator claw in its dorsal hull.

During the combination, Yellow Mars 4 forms Beetle Mars' left front leg, which then forms the left leg of Victory Mars.

Pink Mars 5

Blue Glass Arrow.png See also: OmegaZord 5

Pink Mars 5 (ピンクマーズ5 Pinku Māzu Faibu) is the Mars Machine piloted by GoPink. Like Yellow Mars, Pink Mars has a retractable manipulator claw in its dorsal hull although its arm has the extra function of spinning its manipulators to use as a drill. It is also equipped with medical tools for treating injuries during space rescues.

During the combination, Pink Mars 5 forms Beetle Mars' right front leg, which then forms the right leg of Victory Mars.

Beetle Mars

"4-5-6, V! Meteor Fusion! Beetle Mars!"
―GoRed announcing initial formation[src]

Meteor Fusion Beetle Mars (流星合体ビートルマーズ Ryūsei Gattai Bītoru Māzu) is the initial combination of the five Mars Machines.

Stats & Attacks

Beetle Mars is a quadruped mecha designed for landing on and transportation around alien terrain. Beetle Mars is armed with the Mars Cannon (マーズキャノン Māzu Kyanon) on its dorsal hull which can be used either for defense or to clear obstructions to create a landing zone. It also possesses rocket boosters in all four of its legs for flight and can utilize Yellow and Pink Mars' manipulator arms to interact with its environment.  

When Beetle Mars undergoes the Lightning Formation to transform into Victory Mars, Beetle Mars rises up on its front legs while the rear legs fold down to form the arms, the cockpit folds up into the chest, and the Mars Cannon detaches to form the Jet Lance.

Super Armor Shine Victory Mars

"Super Armor Shine, Victory Mars!"
―Combination announcement[src]

In the GoGoFive vs. Gingaman special, when GingaiOh was defeated by the Infernal Dark Hell Beast, a damaged Victory Mars picked up the unconscious Gingamen and was automatically infused with the power of the Gingamens' Lights of Ginga to become Super Armor Shine Victory Mars (超装光ビクトリーマーズ Chōsōkō Bikutorī Māzu), now armed with Super Armor Shine GingaiOh's armor and wielding the Super Rescue Silver Armor Sword (超救急銀鎧剣 Chō Kyūkyū Gingaiken) alongside its Jet Lance.  

With its new power, Super Armor Shine Victory Mars was able to finally destroy the Infernal Dark Hell Beast with its Galaxy Double Flare (銀河ダブルフレア Ginga Daburu Furea) cross slash.



  • Unlike the Victory Robo, Victory Mars has a combined cockpit upon combination, making it the only GoGoFive machine to feature both individual and a combined cockpit.
  • When piloting the Mars Machines, the GoGoFive team wears shoulder straps within their individual and combined cockpits. During the combination sequence however, when GoRed is briefly seen, the shoulder straps are missing.
  • Victory Mars is the first Sentai Robo to use the powers of another Sentai team; in this case, the Gingamen's Super Armor Shine.
  • Much like Victory Robo, the Victory Mars did not show off its full battle capacity in its first appearance and its finisher technique also debuted in the following episode.

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