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"This is the castle I love!"
―Final words before Death[src]

Ryugu Tamatebacco (リューグ・タマテバッコ Ryūgu Tamatebakko) is an oarfish-themed Gangler Monster from the Interdimensional Crime Group Gangler, equipped with the "Plunge/Plonge" treasure from the Lupin Collection.

Physical Appearance

True Form: Ryugu Tamatebacoo's head is a white skull with red hair, his body is a blue oarfish head on the right, his red and blue limbs are oarfish-like, his Gangler safe was on his black belly, and his weapon the Shumokku Nokogilance is a green spear with the white blade tip that resembles a sawfish's nose and jaw.

Human Form: From Ryugu Tamatebacoo's photo, his human form is a male man with a red Mohawk, glasses, a red leather jacket, and he seems to be wearing a black outfit.

Character History

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Powers and Abilities

Ryugu Tamatebacco's human form as seen in a photograph

  • Human Disguise: Like every Ganglers, Ryugu Tamatebacco have the special ability to disguise himself as a hitman to hunt for treasures.
  • Age Manipulation: Ryugu can launch smoke from the right portion of his chest (the oarfish mouth) that can accelerate a person's age to their elderly years.
  • Water Bolts: Ryugu can generate and launch bolts of water from his hands.
  • Land Swimming: Due to the "Plunge/Plonge" treasure equipped in his safe, Ryugu can swim around in land and through walls as if they were water.


  • Shumokku Nokogilance (シュモックノコギランス Shumokku Nokogiransu): A spear with the blade tip resembling a sawfish's nose and Ryugu's primary weapon.

Behind the Scenes


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  • Height: 190 cm (Giant: 47.5 cm)
  • Weight: 209 kg (Giant: 522.5 Tons)
  • Criminal Record: Forcibly aging a person
  • Lupin Collection: "Plunge/Plonge" Shark Fins
  • Gangler Safe Location: Torso
  • Password: 3-1-4


Namero Bacho

concept art

  • Animal Theme: Oarfish
  • Possible Prehistoric Basis: Agrostichthys parkeri
  • He is the first Gangler Monster to be defeated by LupinKaiser Magic.
  • Ryugu Tamatebacco's suit contains elements of Namero Bacho's suit.
  • Ryugu Tamatebacco's ability to grow humans into old age is very similar to Zakurobacuum's ability from Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger.
  • His weapon is a rebuilt and repainted version of Rabroom Jaws' weapon.
  • Ryugu Tamatebacco is the third Gangler Monster to have human form not to be shown on screen (albeit it did appear in a photograph).
  • Ryugu Tamatebacco's name may be based on the japanese word for giant oarfish (リュウグウノツカイ Ryūgūnotsukai).
  • Ryugu Tamatebacco's name may be based on Ryūgū-jō (Dragon Palace Castle) and Tamatebako (Jewel Box) from the story of Urashima Tarō.
    • His ability to raplidy age a human also draws insperation from the Urashima Tarō story (IE: after Urashima Tarō opens the Tamatebako he recived from Otohime (the princess of the undersea palace Ryūgū-jō; who warned not to open it), a cloud of white smoke arose thus turning him to a white-haired old man).
    • The "bacco" part may also be derived from "Tobacco", as a reference to smoking, as this Gangler's natural ability is his smoke attack.
  • Ryugu Tamatebacco’s safe passcode is a reference to the first three digits of Pi.


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