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Ryota is a fairy boy and grandson of Zyuranger fairy ally Gnome. It is due to his actions that ancient warrior Burai reawakens in the modern day to cause chaos.

Character History

Ryota is a young fairy boy who lives with his grandfather Gnome. Through fairy legends, he learns of a great hero known as Burai, who lived with the fairies until entering a cryogenic state 170 million years in the past. Unknowing of Burai's true nature (a begrudged child of the Yamato Tribe who wishes to make claim to be prince from his younger brother Geki), Ryota desired to reawaken the hero, but had been told time and again by Gnome to not do it.

However on July 19 (1992), possibly through the slight influence of Witch Bandora and the power of Dai-Satan, Ryota finally disobeys his grandfather's orders and steals the key to unlock Burai's tomb. Even after facing all of the resistance of Gnome, Barza and the Zyuranger, Ryota opens Burai's tomb to release him into the world, where he begins to cause chaos and discord to the other ancient warriors. After the initial defeat of the Zyuranger, Ryota is forced to hear the truth regarding Burai, upon which he is forced to learn the consequences of his actions.


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