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Ryo Knight is a superhero that Tokatti thought up as a child. He was based on Ryo Tokashiki (渡嘉敷 涼 Tokashiki Ryō), Tokatti's older brother. Ryo Knight temporarily came to life with Ryo's voice.

Character History

Ryo Knight

Ryo Knight came to life after Pin Spot Shadow attempted to create light-based characters for Z to produce shine. Ryo Knight came from Tokatti's memories. He was the only one produced who wasn't 'faulty' in terms of characterization, retaining his gallant demeanor and dependability in the face of danger. In fact, while the other ToQgers rescue the other fictional characters from destruction at the hands of the Combatant Kuros, it is Ryo Knight who ushers Tokatti to safety.

During the ToQgers and Ryo Knight's battle with Pin Spot Shadow and the Crows, Ryo Knight tells Tokatti not to panic as it hinders whatever he plans on doing. He also reminds Tokatti that he's practiced hard enough and it is the time for action. This prompts Tokatti to attempt a dangerous maneuver with the boys to attack.

Ryo Tokashiki


Ryo - the basis for Ryo Knight

Tokatti eventually remembers that Ryo Knight is actually based on his brother, Ryo, who was a source of inspiration for him as a child.

Mio does point out, however, that it was Tokatti who figured out what to do, as Ryo Knight is only a projection of how he views his brother.

Ryo makes a real appearance in Terminal Station: The Shining Ones, aware of Tokatti's deeds as a ToQger and welcoming him home. He has no memories of fighting as Ryo Knight because it was not the real Ryo fighting alongside the ToQgers.

Behind the Scenes


Ryo is portrayed by Mizuki Ohno (大野 瑞生 Ōno Mizuki), who previously portrayed Kenta WataraiIcon-crosswiki in Ultraman GingaIcon-crosswiki.


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