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"And nobody steals a book I've already stolen!"

Rykon's human disguise (Shondra).

Rykon was a shapeshifting, pharaoh-themed monster sent to the Terra Venture by Trakeena to steal the Galaxy Book. In order for their plans to work, she took on the appearance of Shondra, the Yellow Galaxy Ranger's childhood friend from Mirinoi. As Shondra, Rykon managed to fool Maya and Kendrix Morgan long enough to attempt to steal the book before she was attacked by a GSA security guard.

Rykon Cos

Rykon in storage.

The guard managed to injure Rykon's ankle, resulting in a limp that did not go unnoticed by Kendrix, who'd heard the guard's retell his tale to Commander Stanton.

When Kendrix made Maya aware of her suspicions, Maya didn't believe her until she spotted Rykon (as Shondra) attempting to escape the Science Division with the Galaxy Book hidden in a backpack. Unable to convince Maya of her innocence, she attacked the Yellow Ranger and attempted to flee with the book, only to be stopped outside the Science Division by said Ranger. Rykon battled Maya, eventually besting her by pretending to be Shondra for a second when Maya was about to beat her, causing Maya to hesitate. However, the other Galaxy Rangers and Mike Corbett joined the battle and Rykon grew. The Rangers formed the Galaxy Megazord, but Rykon was too strong. In response, Maya called upon the Stratoforce Megazord which attacked Rykon, weakening her. With Rykon weakened by the Stratoforce Megazord, the Galaxy Megazord destroyed her.

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  • Her Sentai counterpart was originally a male.

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