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"Great Evox. I'm humbled to make your acquaintance. They call me Ryjack. I've travelled across the galaxy to build my collection of powerful weapons from great warriors. The target of my latest quest is Grid Battleforce."
―Ryjack's first words when introducing himself to Evox and Scrozzle after entering the Cyber Dimension.[src]

"Not as dangerous as me! I'm Ryjack. Change of plans, we'll get more Morph-X after we destroy the Rangers!"
―Ryjack introducing himself to the Rangers after Zoey realized the danger of a mind control collar.[src]

"Ah ha ha ha ha ha! How do ya like me now, Rangers?!"
―Ryjack when he enlarged himself.[src]

"No! Ahh! Curse you, Power Rangers!"
―Ryjack's final words before his death.[src]

Ryjack was an intergalactic alien criminal that acted as an ally to the Evox Virus Army in Power Rangers Beast Morphers. He served as the main antagonist of the episodes "Intruder Alert!" and "The Greater Good."


Ryjack is a wanted intergalactic criminal being hunted by Captain Chaku who he eventually tracks down to Earth after fleeing across seven galaxies. In desperation, Ryjack flees to the Crystal Dimension where he meets Scrozzle and Evox who are worried because their previous scheme has failed to acquire the rapidly diminishing Morph-X. His entire motive is killing powerful alien beings and taking their weapons to stockpile as trophies and wishes to know the location of a base full of weapons. Evox offers to help him but only if he kills the Beast Morphers Rangers or at least gets them the Morph-X tha they need. He is given Vargoyle's blaster (which they have somehow found and kept despite it being involved in his explosion) as a sidearm but he instead uses his reanimator to recreate Vargoyle in a golden body. However, the resurrected villain is equipped with a mind control collar that makes him a completely powerless slave to Ryjack's will. He and Vargoyle then attack a quarry and stea; a barrel of Morph-X but the Rangers arrive and they are forced to fight. He resurrects some Putty Patrollers and Vivix to fight for him and fights the Rangers. He is kicked down hard by Zoey after Ravi throws him into the air but takes them out of commission with a devastating poison blast. He then leaves with Vargoyle after the latter takes Nate and Steel's Striker Beast Blast.

At around the same time, Robo-Blaze and Robo-Roxy are resurrected by Scrozzle after being obliterated by the Striker Beast Blast whilst riding a Morph-X Tanker in the previous episode and are horrified to learn of Vargoyle's return. Ryjack demands the details of their base from Evox, but is again denied so Vargoyle is sent to destroy the remaining Rangers whilst Scrozzle deploys a Gigadrone to steal Morph-X in the hope that it will either be successful or that the divided team will allow Vargoyle to destroy the one that goes after him. The scheme fails but Ryjack remains with Evox. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Intruder Alert!

Using Ryjack and his foot soldiers, sometime later, Ryjack gives Evox and his army all of the Morph-X that they need to power their systems. In the meantime, Ryjack uses some Putties, Triptoids, and Vivix to break into the Ranger vault but he is ambushed by the Rangers and Captain Chaku who obliterate his foot soldiers. He goes into combat against the six of them, overwhelming them with his sword and shield but is easily overwhelmed when Chaku brings out his Laser Blade. The Rangers then summon their Beast-X Sabers to form the Beast-X Cannons whilst Chaku charges up his weapon. They triy to destroy Ryjack with a combination of the Enforcer Strike and Beast-X Cannon Blast but he survives and manages to escape.

Back in the Crystal Dimension, Evox suggests bringing his arsenal to Earth in order to use against the Rangers but it is hidden in his spaceship (much to Robo-Blaze and Robo-Roxy's delight). Evox still tries to convince him but he refuses, claiming that he will "crush them like the vermin they are" and leaves. He goes to a rooftop where Chaku and the Rangers confront him and he tries to bring to life some support but Chaku knocks away his Reanimizer with an energy slash from his Laser Blade. Equipping his sword and shield, he overwhelms the Rangers until Chaku kicks his shield far away from him. Devon then grabs his arm and disarms him before cutting him down but Ryjack uses a device sourced from the remains of Andresia to make himself grow into a giant. The Rangers deploy in their Beast-X Ultrazord to confront Ryjack but are easily overwhelmed and he takes out its systems. Doing this forces the Ultrazord to completely reboot since he shorts out everything which leaves them completely exposed. Luckily, Chaku calls upon his Reptillobeast which overwhelms Ryjack with its Enforcer Inferno. During this time, the Ultrazord recovers and allows him to buck them into the air but wae ready this time and shoot him with their Ultra Beam. With the monster having now dropped his shield, they are then able to take him down with a massive drop kick. Devon then calls for his Cheetah Beast Blaster and they finish off Ryjack with the Beast-X Ultra Strike, the monster cursing them as he face-plants and exploded.


In spite of his death, Scrozzle was able to recover his Reanimizer and later uses uses the arsenal in Ryjack's ship to resurrect Sledge and his crew, Snide, and Goldar for the plan that eventually leads into the team-up episode "Grid Connection."

Dino Fury

Ryjack in Dino Fury

Ryjack is briefly seen in a flashback via the Legendary Ranger Database alongside golden Vargoyle whilst Ollie and Solon discover that the Compliance Collar used on Lord Zedd by Reaghoul has been used before. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Old Foes


Ryjack was a relentless weapons hunter who stopped at nothing to get any weapon he desired to the point of being willing to team up with other villains and risk his life to achieve his goals. He was however pretty stupid since he announced out loud that his arsenal was hidden on Earth which meant that he had outlived his value to Evox who would offer him no further support.

Powers and Abilities


  • Teleportation: Ryjack could teleport himself and others from one place to another.
    • Teleportation Casting: Ryjack could teleport objects in a swirl of purple rings just by pointing at them which occurred when he and Vargoyle stole a Morph-X barrel.
  • Horn Infection Beam: From his horn, Ryjack could fire a powerful red beam that can hit and injure his enemies while giving them a poisonous infection.
  • Horn Lightning Blast: Ryjack could also fire red lightning blasts from his horn which was his strongest attack since it was strong enough to cause explosions, take down all five Rangers with a one head revolution, and overload the Ultrazord's systems with one blast after he bucked it to the ground.
  • Darkness Generation: Ryjack could create clouds to darken the sky and try to reduce visibility for the Ultrazord, although this is never truly explained.


  • Expert Swordsman: Ryjack was a very skilled swordsman, being able to take on and knock down all five Rangers but seemed to be surpassed by Captain Chaku.
  • Strength: Ryjack took down the Rangers with single punches and slashes from his sword as well as when he effortlessly threw aside the Beast-X Ultrazord with his horn.
  • Durability: Ryjack was able to withstand punches and kicks from Devon, and a combination of three Beast-X Cannon Blasts and Captain Chaku's Enforcer Strike without even a scratch (One blast from a Beast-X Cannon has previously destroyed Vargoyle).


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  • Sword: Ryjack was armed with a sword for combat.
  • Shield: Ryjack was armed with a shield to block attacks such as a flying punch from Chaku and the Beast-X Blasters.
  • Reanimizer: Ryjack used a reanimation device (resembling a pop gun with a funnel on the barrel) to revive past villains and foot soldiers using their objects. It was stolen by Scrozzle after his death.
  • Compliance Collar: When Ryjack revived Vargoyle, he equipped him with a Compliance Collar that allowed him to control him.
  • Enlarging Device: Ryjack wielded a device (which resembled a diamond studded can with a large rhino horn sticking out of it) from the planet Andresia to enlarge himself. To activate it, he had to pull the horned end to reveal multi-colored sparkles which consumed him and recreated his body as a giant.
  • Ryjack’s Ship: The vehicle and lair of the intergalactic alien criminal Ryjack and where he keeps his collection of weapons of villains from past seasons (such as Lord Zedd's staff, Koragg's sword, Astronema's gauntlet, Psycho Red's digital card, Goldar's sword, Snide's katana, and Sledge's Crew's weapons). It self destructed when Zoey tried to enter it.

Behind the Scenes


  • Ryjack was voiced by Kevin Keys putting on a cockney (English) accent.


  • Ryjack was based upon a cybernetic robot.


  • His name was a play on rhino and hijack, the second word meaning to seize and reroute a ship or plane, usually for criminal intent.


  • The reason Ryjack was introduced was so that his Reanimizer could be used to give a reason for so many destroyed villains to return for "Grid Connection." But given his Reanimizer was only needed, Ryjack's prescene was merely there to explain the device and to team up with Evox's Army for the Captain Chaku 2-part story before being destroyed.
    • In the Sentai movie the team-up borrowed footage from, Goldar and Snide's counterparts were newer enemies based upon older foes (e.g. Goldar Maximus was based on Neo-Grifforizer in Kyoryuger vs. Go-Busters but manifested from the hatred of Dai-Satan). No such plot device existed in the movie.
  • Ryjack is the first monster in the Power Rangers series to be adapted from a Metal Heroes show, in this case, Sai Doubler from Uchuu Keiji Gavan (which Rhino Doubler was modelled after).
  • The clouds that Ryjack apparently generated after the Beast-X Ultrazord arrived were actually connected to his plot in Go-Busters. Instead of seeking out weapons, Rhino Doubler planned to suck the entire Earth into a dimension known as Makuu Space so that the organization he worked for (Makuu) could destroy it. The clouds were merely the signs of the opening stages of this plan.
  • Ryjack was the first monster to use regular Putty Patrollers since Commander Crayfish in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 1 episode "Mighty Morphin' Mutants" and the first to use Vivix since Badussa from the episode "The Rangers Rock!."


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