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"Hua! I’m Rygore, the master of Surprise attacks and Strategy. I’ll bamboozle them all!"
―Rygore’s first lines.[src]
""I have a bad feeling about this!""
―Rygore reacting to the Clone Rangers coming at him with their Steel Slash attack and his final words before his initial defeat.[src]
"Aah! I just need one more roll of the dice!"
―Rygore’s final words before his destruction.[src]

Rygore’s Ninja Medallion

Rygore is an Indian rhinoceros-themed member of the Galactic Ninjas and “the Ninja of Surprise Attacks and Strategy”. He was also a contestant on the second season of Galaxy Warriors.

Character History

Rygore first appeared on the Galaxy Warriors stage with his fellow comrades and took his medallion, telling the audience he is the Ninja of Surprise Attacks and Strategy. His gimmick is using a special dice to determine which attack to use. Attack of the Galactic Ninjas

He was seen on the Galaxy Warriors stage when Cosmo Royale introduced Speedwing to the crowd alongside Wolvermean and Venoma. The Need for Speed

He goes to Earth to fight the Rangers and overwhelms them but Victor and Monty interfere (thinking he was a rare rhino). He shooed them away and used some exploding jacks on the Rangers but Brody threw them back at him and he was forced to retreat. He later returned when the Rangers were camping and overwhelmed them once again. He survived the Ninja Blaster and Rockstorm Guitar's finishers before using his Freeze Hammer on Preston which nearly killed him. Realizing that they did not have enough power to end this battle, Brody used the Ninja Clone Star to generate six clones of the team. They then used their sidearms and Rockstorm Guitar to power up their Ninja Star Blades into a variation of the Steel Slash which critically wounded Rygore. Brody then powered into Lion Fire Mode and killed Rygore with the Lion Fire Flame Strike Final Attack. He gets gigantified by Cosmo Royale so they summon the Ninja Ultrazord. Rygore rolls a two which allows his to perform his Mega Firecracker Explosion but is destroyed by the Ninja Ultrazord Blast Final Attack before he can use it. His medallion is then taken by Madame Odius to power her evil Zord, Foxatron.Caught Red-Handed


Rygore was very loyal to his team but he is also quite brutish. He was also a skilled fighter, using his weapons to destroy the Rangers, but his sense of pride and power ultimately leads to his death.

Behind the Scenes


Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: Due to his enormous size, Rygore has immense physical strength, easily throwing the Rangers to the ground.
  • Armor/Hide: Rygore has a thick leathery armor/skin to protect him, making him immune to all attacks including the Ninja Blast and Rockstorm Blast and the Clone Ranger variant of the Steel Slash. The only attacks capable of piercing it were the Lion Fire Flame Strike and Ninja Ultrazord Blast.
  • Teleportation: Rygore can teleport to any location at will.


  • Medallion: Like all Galactic Ninjas, He has a medallion to boost his powers which granted him the ability to have multiple attacks to choose from (decided by his dice).
  • Sword: Like all Galactic Ninjas, he has a sword similar to the one the rangers have. Like Wolvermean's, it has no special powers whatsoever.
  • Twin Sai: His primary weapons when he's not using his dice.
    • Deflection: Rygore can deflect attacks with his sai.
  • Dice: Rygore has a dice to create various different attacks to use on the Rangers like:
    • Ninja Kettle: A kettle used to scald the Rangers with hot steam upon rolling a three.
    • Exploding Jacks: Rygore can throw green, yellow, and orange colored explosives jacks at the Rangers from a leather bag upon rolling a four.
    • Freeze Hammer: A hammer used to stop the Rangers in their tracks upon rolling a five and can cause severe harm. According to Rygore, Preston wouldn't have survived a second use of it.
    • Mega Firecracker Explosion: A powerful attack that would be performed upon rolling a two. This is presumably his strongest attack but what it looks like and how effective it would be is unknown because the Rangers destroyed him before he could perform it.


  • Rygore's name comes from the words rhino and gore.
  • In a sense of irony, despite being a self proclaimed "Master of Suprise Attack and Strategy", Rygore has a brutish demeanor and a somewhat dim witted voice.
  • Rygore is the second Galactic Ninja to be destroyed.
  • He is the third rhino themed monster in the Neo-Saban era, following Rhinosnorus and Osogain.
  • His motif is based off of a rhino and a samurai.


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