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"Five streaks of light . . . five power rangers!"

Rygog is the alien second-in-command to Divatox. He serves as her loyal warrior, able to fire lasers from his eyes. However, due to the design of his armor, he is not very mobile and can be defeated if he is toppled. Rygog also served as the pilot of the Catzord. Although he was present for the majority of Countdown to Destruction, he was not seen when the wave hit so it is unknown whether he survived or not.

According to the episode Fire In Your Tank, Rygog is apparently left-handed and, as shown in Rally Ranger, Rygog sleeps upside down like a bat. 


In contrast to Elgar, Rygog is slightly more reliable in Divatox's eyes.


  • Like Elgar, Rygog's image was redesigned from Gekisou Sentai Carranger. The Sentai footage showed Rygog with a more menacing face, but it seemed to be made on a cheaper budget.
  • In contrast to his Sentai counterpart who was the main villain, Rygog is instead the second-in-command to the main villain.


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