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"You beset on my gamble?!"
―Final words before Death[src]

Ruretta Gerou (ルレッタ・ゲロウ Ruretta Gerō)​ was a frog-themed Gangler Monster of the Interdimensional Crime Group Gangler, equipped with the "Like a rolling cube/Comme un cube qui roule" treasure from the Lupin Collection.

Physical Appearance

True Form: Ruretta Gerou has a yellow and purple frog-like head with horns on his head and he is sticking his long frog- like tongue, a pink and purple polka dotted worm around his neck and armpits, his belly is yellow and his white rib cage was on it, on his yellow arms are purple and pink tadpoles with green eyes, his yellow hands have purple fingers, his Gangler safe is in his belly, which are purple-pink underneath and have red tadpoles with yellow eyes, his legs are purple and purple-pink with red tadpoles that have yellow eyes on it, and his frog-like feet are yellow-purple and pink.

Human Form: Ruretta Gerou resembles a middle-aged man with slick black hair, mustache, and goatee. He is dressed in a black and gold tuxedo over a white shirt with a small red cravat, a large gray sash on the waist, and black pants with shoes of that same color.

Character History

Ruretta Gerou as a Casino Owner

Disguising himself as a casino owner, he abused the capabilities of the "Like a rolling cube/Comme un cube qui roule" in his safe in order to unfairly extort money from his casino patrons and land them in huge debt, until the Lupinrangers came and stole the treasure from his safe. When the cops who would later become the Patrangers arrived, he was destroyed by a single blast from all three VS Changers, According to Jim Carter, he was also planning to harvest the patrons' organs. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Number 1: The Troublemaking Phantom Thieves


Greedy and unfair, he had no qualms in extorting money from his patrons when they were lost due to his manipulations. He was also implied to be sadistic, as he was said to almost harvest the lost patrons' organs according to Jim Carter.


  • Spawn Bomb (スポーン・ボム Supōn Bomu): He uses throwing bombs resembling a frog's spawns.
  • Tongue: He can utilize his long tongue in a telescopic manner for combat.

Powers and Abilities

  • Human Disguise: Like every Gangler, Ruretta Gerou have the special ability to disguise himself as a Casino Owner.
  • Probability Manipulation: Due to the Comme un cube qui roule treasure equipped within his safe, he can can control the outcome of games of chance.


  • Height: 179 cm
  • Weight: 197 kg
  • Criminal Record: Gambling (As well as possible Organ Harvesting)
  • Lupin Collection: Comme un cube qui roule 6-sided Die
  • Gangler Safe Location: Gut
  • Password Number: 2-0-7
  • Rangers That Killed Him: Lupinranger

Behind the Scenes


Ruretta Gerou is voiced by and portrayed in his human form by Hiroyuki Muraoka (村岡弘之 Muraoka Hiroyuki).


His name contains the Japanese onomatopoeic term for a frog's croaking ("gerogero"). It may also be partially derived from the Japanese word for roulette ("ruretto"), referring to his connection with gambling.


concept art

  • Animal Theme: Frog.
  • Possible Prehistoric Basis: Beelzebufo (which is also known as the "devil frog").
  • Ruretta Gerou holds the record for shortest amount of screen time for a Gangler monster (And human sized monster in general) as he appears for approximately 5 minutes before being destroyed.
    • He is also the first Gangler Monster to have his Gangler Safe opened by an unmorphed Lupin Ranger (in this case, Lupin Red).
  • Gerou is the first of two Gangler Monsters to not be enlarged by Goche Ru Medou, with the second being the first Modified Porderman.


TV Asahi's Page on Ruretta Gerou

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