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"They are mine! The Lights of Orion!"
―Raptor's first words[src]

Ruptor is a gluttonous, pillbug-themed monster hired by Treacheron to recapture the Lights of Orion from the Galaxy Rangers. It uses eating utensils (such as knives and forks) to fight its' opponents. When Chameliac scanned Trakeena's archives, extra fighting footage between Ruptor and the Galaxy Rangers was seen.


Ruptor attacked Kendrix Morgan who was believed to be in the possession of the Lights of Orion. However, before he could do further harm to her and steal the strange rock Leo Corbett had found in the cave earlier in the episode, the Magna Defender stopped him. Regardless, he managed to blast both the Defender, Kendrix and the Galaxy Rangers and reclaim the stone. When it was revealed that the stone did not contain the Lights, Trakeena directed Ruptor to take care of the Power Rangers and grew to an enormous size, only be destroyed by the Galaxy Megazord.

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