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"¡The Rumba Monkey rules the dance floor!"
―Rumba Monkey.[src]
"¡And for my next number!"
―Rumba Monkey´s words when grown for the Hydro-Regenerator.[src]

Rumba Monkey is a monkey/spring herbs/drums monster. He appears in the episode In Your Dreams.

Character History

Ethan dreams about Rumba Monkey after looking at the picture of a monkey by his bed before falling to sleep. In his dream, Rumba Monkey takes on the other Power Rangers before Ethan shows up to take care of business. The Rangers form the Z-Rex Blaster to take him down, but he grows and they call on their Megazord. He was defeated by the Tyranno Drill. In Your Dreams

Powers and Abilities

  • Rays: he can blast eelctric rays.
  • Superhuman Agility: Combined his ADN with a monkey and drums, he can high agility.
  • Earthquake: With his maracas and giant size, his dancing provoked earthquake.
  • Blast Beams: He can blast energy beams by his body.

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