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The Rules of Darkness is the law that all of the Ten Terrors have to obey to, the Terror will make up a game and make the rules for it before battling the Mystic Rangers.

The Games

Only Four of the Ten Terrors make up a game that the Rangers will have to conquer and they go in the following order.

  1. Magma: If the light tower that is on fire burns out and if the Mystic Rangers are defeated by Magma himself, they lose, if any of them is still standing while battling Magma if the tower burns out, they win.
  2. Oculous: The Rangers has go through a jungle like area while avoid being sniped by Oculous, and the Red Ranger has to battle a massive army of Hidiacs and Styxoids and finale take on Oculous himself to save his friends.
  3. Serpentina: Same as Oculous, but this time it's takes place in the Serpent Dimension, and it's to avoid getting eating alive by Serpentina in her snake form, and battle Serpentina her to rescue Jenji.
  4. Hekatoid: The Rangers have to defeat a large army of Styxoid with in the time limited, battle evil versions of themselves and battle Hekatoid himself to find Udonna.


  • It is reviled in the episode "The Light" that if a Terror loses the game, they will be destroyed.
  • The only four of the Ten Terrors that broke the Rules of Darkness are Megahorn, Serpentina, Sculpin and Black Lance, While Hekatoid also broke the Rules of Darkness as well, he was forced to by Serpentina.

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