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"Everything beautiful will be marred! (うつくしいものすべよごしてやる! Utsukushī mono wa subete yogoshite yaru!)"
―Rugby Jamen's first words when overlooking the theme park.[src]

"That's cheating--! (それも反則はんそくだぞおぉーっ! Sore mo hansoku da zo ō'!)"
―Rugby Jamen's final words before his death.[src]

Rugby Jamen (ラグビー邪面 Ragubī Jamen) is a rugby-based black body Jamenshi of the Dark Empire Yodonheim whose dark energy was used to release Rugger Ligany.


Rugby Jamen was sent by Carantula to attack and destroy a theme park with his rudby bombs to kill the people there and drain hope from people. He deployed with some Bechats, confronting a group of people that he threw a rugby bomb at. They played hot potato with it briefly before all being rugby tackled and rammed into by Bechats. After that, a Bechat laid it near the carousel which was annihilated when the bomb went off. The Kiramagers quickly arrived before he could perform another attack and defeated his Bechats. Before they could finish them entirely, Rugby Jamen was angered at the use of weapons (specifically the Kiramai Shot and the Kiramai Sword) so ran at them and easily ran right through them before planting a second bomb which destroyed the bumper cars. He then prepared to kill a family in a ferris wheel but Juru had an idea and had Sayo and Shigiru summon Mashin Jetter and Mashin Helico to form Sky Mage which saved the family by catching thier compartment when it was blasted off. However, in the ensuing excitement, Rugby Jamen was able to get away.

With Rugger Ligany close to being released, just needing the gate opening, Rugby Jamen was sent back out on Earth, this time attacking a factory and terrorising the workers but Sayo, Shiguru, and Tatetomo were once again there to confront him. Although the Kiramagers defeated his Bechats once again, Rugby Jamen destroyed a generator although Juru and Sena arrived and transformed before the team did thier roll call. However, he produced a special bomb to destroy the entire facility and both Juru and Tatetomo failed to tackle him but Sena (who had been training in the 100 meter dash) was able to tackle him down and take his bomb. Rugby Jamen was them helpless as she leapt into the air and slammed the bomb into his face, obliterating him instantly.


Rugby Jamen was obsessed with rugby to the point that most lines he spoke had some correlation to the sport.

Powers and abilities

  • Conversion Kick: Rugby Jamen's strongest attack, wherein he places his rugby bomb on the ground, and kicks it hard enough to explode on impact. One hit severed a Ferris wheel car.
  • Superhuman Speed: He is able to run at an incredible speed.


  • Rugby Ball Bomb: The Rugby Jamen can use his rugby ball to play his game. If it made a touchdown or makes a contact on an object, it will cause an explosion.


  • Height: 183 cm
  • Weight: 165 kg
  • Jamen: Rugby

Behind the Scenes


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  • Rugby Jamen is the first Jamenshi with the following Factors:
    • He is the first sports-themed monster since Gloven from Uchu Sentai Kyuranger,
      • Due to this, he is also the first sports-themed monster of the Reiwa Era.
    • He is the first human-sized monster to appear in Kiramager.
  • Rugby Jamen's design is inspired by Baseball Mask from Himitsu Sentai Gorenger.
    • Interestingly, Rugby Jamen use a similar attack to the Gorengers, in this case the Gorenger Hurricane.
      • Oddly, Rugby Jamen use similar attack like Gorenger Hurricane, while Baseball Mask is defeated by Gorenger with their Gorenger Hurricane: Curve Ball.


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